Bucket List #19: Done. Check.

Make-Up for Wonder Woman

with Make-Up Artist Tayler Berez

Wonder Woman

Wardrobe By Christine Casaus

Anyone who knows me well — knows my fascination with all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I know, it’s funny, odd even — but either way, it’s always been my quirky little cool thing that I’ve kept close to the vest!

And so one of my “dreams” — bucket list items if you will — was always to play a Superhero on film or TV.  Well, I’m telling you, I never thought it would happen, but it did!

This past weekend I got to play Wonder Woman for a project directed by Paul Kowalski.  So cool… so much fun!  And now, I’ve crossed off #19 on my bucket list.  Honestly, who would have ever thought a Latin/Black chic from the ‘hood could ever be Super Woman?  Just goes to show you — you gotta dream. And if you’re gonna dream, might as well dream big!  Woohoo!

Here’s another big item I crossed off my list a while ago….Sky-Diving!

Curious — what’s on your list?

Congratulations to Malala on Winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

This brings me joy! Congratulations to Malala on winning the Nobel Peace Prize along with Kailash Satyarthi. Changing the world for the better. Thank you!








Stand By Me – Best Version Ever!

Trust me, you’ll love this version of STAND BY ME. After the shocking passing of Robin Williams and all the bewilderment and discussion that came with it — I needed to hear something lovely today. And this showed up in my email box.  Here’s the best of the internet doing good things, great things…connecting us…and spreading the love. Beautiful music.  #WishingYouJoy

How To Avoid Criticism




*There is dispute as to who actually may have said this quote originally. Another possible author is:  Elbert Hubbard, American writer, publisher & artist.  Either way, and in all due respect, it’s a wonderful one-liner that boosted my spirits today.*