Doing. Being. Living.

Life always finds a way. . . 

I love that line.  It’s from the movie Jurassic Park.  No big whoop on the movie, but the line, uttered by Dr. Ian Malcolm, has always stuck with me.

I met quite a bunch of people these past few months and interestingly enough they have no idea what an amazing influence they’ve had on the life of this little writer-actor-worker-bee…

This is a simple THANK YOU!

Friends and family will always support you (well, one hopes anyways).  But somewhere along the way you have to reach out, take a leap of faith and see if you really have what it takes to do whatever it is you claim you want to do.  And as much as your friends and family will hoot and holler for you, and be by your side no matter what happens, it’s sometimes the people you don’t know that ultimately unveil a truth you may have never fully understood before.

Hmmm….it wasn’t the analysis of skills, or getting critiqued by strangers that mattered, but actually, taking that first step and jumping off a cliff that was the toughest part.  Finding a stranger catching and cushioning your fall… well, that’s something.  That really means something!

None of these folks are strangers at all nowadays.  Simply, they are friends.

And what have I learned?  Well, for one, that validating your skills and your dreams is something you really have to do for yourself.  But once you’ve come to a decision that you’re worth the gamble, actually deciding to leap IS all the validation you really need.

Who you are and what you’re meant to be, will always struggle to find a way to shine.  But you’ve gotta leap. You’ve gotta take the shot.

So no more  could’ahvs, should’ahvs, would’ahvs.

Now it’s all about:  Doing. Being.  Living.

Life always finds a way.

(Now, have any of my friends seen my Jimmy Choo’s? . . . XXOO…*smile*)

16 thoughts on “Doing. Being. Living.

  1. Carmen,
    thank you so much! I like your blog. Your thoughts are deep. Your intentions are brave. It’s so important to stay yourself all the time in spite of disapproval your family and friends.
    ‘Life always finds a way’. Great!


  2. What a beautiful blog you have here! 🙂

    I have always loved that line from the movie “Jurassic Park,” too. To me it represents a wonderful duality. It says, “Seize the day and you will acheive your dreams.” At the same time, it is meant as criticism of man’s arrogance against nature. The book was so much better than the movie and Ian Malcolm was a font of thought-provoking ideas. That’s one reason Michael Crichton was such a fantastic writer.

    I love that photograph, too. It goes nicely with your very motivational decision to “leap.” Watching you go for it is an inspiration to us all.


    • Oh! I read the book as well and I agree! Yes, Michael Crichton was an amazing writer. Glad you like the “new” blog! Now, I’m gonna go seize the day as well. 😉


  3. Wow, this is really amazing–the blog, the website, the pictures, and the background…all very excellent. Good for you! Looks like this was a great step for you.


    • Hi Abe! Ha! Thanks. I’m so glad you approve. Missed you all a bit, but now it probably makes a little more sense what I was working on, right? Looking forward to your next post too — thanks again for all your support, help and kindness! (I feel like I missed one of your blog postings, but I can’t figure out which — I’ll have to go take a closer look). Happy Sunday! 😉


  4. The kindness of strangers, the world can never have enough of that if you ask me. I’m glad to hear you figured out what everyone else who knows you already knows. You are worth the gamble Carmen.



  5. *Very* nice what you’ve done with this place. Saw the photos too. One word came to mind.

    Wow. Always saw your photo profile of your feet and wondered what the other end looked like. *grin* So nice to meet you finally.

    Is this your new (and permanent) place, then?


    • WOLFIE! Yes, this will be where you can find me from now on. Though I’m not sure I’ll be giving up just yet on Jimmy Choo girl. She might have a place as well. But, the way I figure it, as long as I can find you, that’s all that matters 😉

      Thanks for your support and sweetness! ..and your ever so kind compliments. Even before the photos.



      • I remembered how you were complaining about the setup of the other place and how unsatisfied you were with it. Looks like you nailed it with this one. It’s perfect.

        And…I’m a little amazed at how much we have in common too. You may have mentioned it but I don’t recall you having done improv work. That’s how I started out! Did some auditions for commercials and was just getting going when I had a falling out with my agent. Sort of lost a lot of momentum when that happened. So now…I’m giving serious thought of jumping back into it all again. Acting (and acting out through comedy) is still there in the blood.

        And now, having seen your resume – well, it’s just encouraging. Let’s put it that way.

        You’re an absolute knockout, Carmen. 🙂 Love your voice work too.


        • You’re so great for my EGO! Jeez, can I just wake up to you showering me with compliments? ha! My resume is blah — and honestly, I have a lot more stuff I can put up there (commercial, theatre and voice primarily) but until I do something “bigger” I figure it’s enough to let them know I’ve worked. So, yes, be encouraged! Be excited! It was writing with you guys that got me stoked on my book and I’m really giving it my all now!

          And yes, we have so much in common!

          Who knows, maybe we’ll work together on some fabulous project. Or my dream: a great new sci-fi movie or show. Ha! (so sad that my dreams are so simple, huh?). XXOO.


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