My Mental Vacation

My Mental Vacation

In the past two weeks I’ve started writing a few pieces I haven’t posted.  Actually, I haven’t finished them at all.  They range in topics from the building of a Mosque in New York City two blocks from the World Trade Center, to the latest Sherrod fiasco with Fox (and everyone else involved).  When I started writing, I was so enthusiastic to share my thoughts.  I had that crazy impulsive vigor running through my heart that just wanted to write and scream out my opinion, and then, half way through I just stopped.

This has happened four times in the past two weeks.  And I sit, staring at an unfinished page. . .

Writing fizzle.

I admit it, I’m totally exhausted!

Everything just seems to be so “drama-esque”.  Everything is an argument or volatile discussion.  Everything is so “deep” and “important”.  Blah, blah, blah!

Yeah, I need some balance.  Some fun stuff.

And thankfully it’s not that hard to do.  You know, to switch gears and find fun stuff and fun folk to pay attention to.  To just enjoy!

What I realized this morning is you just actually need to be looking for it.   Stop falling into the trap of drama and start looking for something else.   Once you start looking for joy, laughter and happiness, it’s been my experience that you actually start finding it. . .

Uhm, that’s kinda too deep too, huh?   Well, you get what I mean!  😉

I’ve decided I’m on a “summer-esque”  mental vacation of sorts.  And my wish today is that anyone reading this post find something to smile about and then maybe share it with someone else.  I wish you all a happy fun-filled day.

(Ya, that just made me feel real good!)

Peace, love and all that good stuff,


13 thoughts on “My Mental Vacation

  1. I struggle with that too: trying to find the balance between light and joyful, and deep, dark and difficult. Seems there are so many issues to talk about – stuff that inevitably won’t really go away, anyway. You hinted at one of those when you mentioned the Twin Tower Mosque. Just that little phrase alone is enough to get the creative grey matter spinning.

    In the spirit of your last paragraphs: there’s a guard at our workplace who has been in the habit of posting jokes on a whiteboard which everyone sees as they come into our area on the floor. Usually the jokes are extremely extremely EXTREMELY lame, boring, old and ultimately kind of embarrassing to read. He’s saying so much about himself by posting them, and it’s all I can do not to squirm. I mean, he’s a likeable guy, sort of, but….oh man. The cheese that flows from what he writes just won’t quit.

    The other day he went over the line, and posted a bunch of ethnic jokes. Chinese jokes to be precise. I looked at that when walking by and thought “Oh my God. The man is well and truly fucked now.” We have so many Asian people on our floor who I knew would be offended; I was sure the man would be fired.

    He wasn’t. But the whiteboard was gone the next day. Reminded me of the times when my Mom would tell us six kids: if you can’t play nice with your toys, I’m taking them away. That’s exactly what happened here.

    (Later on, I innocently asked one of the bosses what happened to the board. He confirmed my suspicion. It was either get rid of the board, or get rid of the guard. Lucky guard.)


    • Lucky guard indeed! I love that. Smart boss.

      I just re-read my Mosque/9-11 piece and I still can’t find the umph to post it. Maybe it’s just summertime…but i just can’t deal with my own writing of “yukkiness” subjects. I don’t mind reading others, but…well… you’re just right. Balance. Finding the balance. That’s where I’m at.

      ps. Glad you’re feeling bettah! 😉


  2. I’m the same way when it comes to writing “drama” type pieces. When I’m writing them I’m all gung-ho about it, but after I’ve stepped away for a bit I’m much less so.

    I’m way ahead of you on the “summer vacation” thing, haha. I’ve been doing everything except using my computer for weeks now. Gardening, finishing my fence, and basically anything that involves being outside.

    Enjoy yourself, the rest is just details Carmen!


  3. You are so right. Writing in response to events that infuriate me just isn’t doing it for me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all those draft rants… Maybe I can merge them into a mockery of my own rage! 😆


  4. We’ve been in the same funk. It seems that life keeps delivering us body blows, non-stop, one after the other!

    Bada-bing, bada-boom!

    Well, to be honest, they’re probably not really “body blows.” It’s not like I’m getting told I’ve got two weeks to live every single day or anything like that. But it is still quite annoying piddly stuff. Stuff that can add up very quickly.

    Here’s an example: Our five-year anniversary is coming up and we can’t even take a 3-day weekend because my wife’s co-worker already locked up the days around that weekend for her yearly Parcheesi tournament. Things of that nature.

    We are desperately in need of a mental vacation, too.

    I hope you enjoy your trip! Send us a postcard if you get the chance. 🙂


    • Oh my God, Tom I’m laughing so hard cuz I had to look up “Parcheesi tournament”…hahahahaha! That is so funny, and oh, so so WRONG! Happy 5th year anniversary and I hope you guys do find a way to celebrate (though, you better stop mentioning Jessia Albla’s name or it won’t he such a great anniversary! Hee!). And yeah, I’ll send you a postcard for sure. *Hugs*


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