Quick Tip: BE WHO YOU IS!


I don’t know where I heard this line, but I say it a lot!  More often to myself every morning in the mirror as I brush my teeth, but, I also say it to friends or people who need to hear it as well.

I remind myself to just BE WHO I AM.  The makeup, the hair, the clothes, the bag, the shoes, the car…. All that “stuff” is NOTHING but the façade that actually works to either enhance the REAL ME or diminish the woman I can BE.

So every day I empower myself to just remember that who I am is good enough, without all that stuff – that ME is actually brilliant enough, that everything else, and everyone else, will unfold accordingly and all I need to do, is be the best “ME” I can possibly be!

Today, be authentically who you really are — hide behind nothing. . .


Losing My Mind?

My mind’s been “rambling” about so many things lately.  I envy people who have the ability to “compartmentalize” because that’s definitely one skill I do not possess.

It’s funny because I realize I’m an excellent “faker”.  Awe, come on, dirty minds!  What I mean is, because I’m so organized and so very detailed about most things in my life, people tend to assume I’m a multi-tasker and/or that I can handle more than one thing at a time.

Not true at all!

In actuality, I really can only handle one thing, one situation, at a time. I focus on that situation and do it to the best of my ability and then move forward onto the next situation.  I generally don’t fester so I get things done quickly and  that gets me to work on the next situation.  This gives the illusion that I’m a multi-tasker, but in fact, I’m SO NOT!

Usually, I use a priority formula of sorts to determine what drama needs to be dealt with first.  But, for the past few weeks, it hasn’t been working and I’m curious, how do you handle dealing with so many “priorities” at one time when everything seems to be the most important to deal with RIGHT NOW?

And here’s the thing:  generally, I can even deal with that – I’ve had many “priorities” at one time in the past and have just dove in head first and worked through the first problem or situation and then the next, etc.  But these past few weeks have been different:  This time I feel like every problem has bled into the next somewhat.  Even if they have nothing to do with each other, somehow,  my mind just keeps going a mile a minute constantly re-working scenarios, jumping from one subject to the next.  It’s quite frustrating and, I have to admit, a little scary!

Any ideas?

Oh, and just as a side note:  I don’t do drugs.  A friend suggested I try what he calls “medicinal marijuana”.  Hilarious!  I will say this though – he had me cracking up for quite a bit and that alone was much-needed relief!