Losing My Mind?

My mind’s been “rambling” about so many things lately.  I envy people who have the ability to “compartmentalize” because that’s definitely one skill I do not possess.

It’s funny because I realize I’m an excellent “faker”.  Awe, come on, dirty minds!  What I mean is, because I’m so organized and so very detailed about most things in my life, people tend to assume I’m a multi-tasker and/or that I can handle more than one thing at a time.

Not true at all!

In actuality, I really can only handle one thing, one situation, at a time. I focus on that situation and do it to the best of my ability and then move forward onto the next situation.  I generally don’t fester so I get things done quickly and  that gets me to work on the next situation.  This gives the illusion that I’m a multi-tasker, but in fact, I’m SO NOT!

Usually, I use a priority formula of sorts to determine what drama needs to be dealt with first.  But, for the past few weeks, it hasn’t been working and I’m curious, how do you handle dealing with so many “priorities” at one time when everything seems to be the most important to deal with RIGHT NOW?

And here’s the thing:  generally, I can even deal with that – I’ve had many “priorities” at one time in the past and have just dove in head first and worked through the first problem or situation and then the next, etc.  But these past few weeks have been different:  This time I feel like every problem has bled into the next somewhat.  Even if they have nothing to do with each other, somehow,  my mind just keeps going a mile a minute constantly re-working scenarios, jumping from one subject to the next.  It’s quite frustrating and, I have to admit, a little scary!

Any ideas?

Oh, and just as a side note:  I don’t do drugs.  A friend suggested I try what he calls “medicinal marijuana”.  Hilarious!  I will say this though – he had me cracking up for quite a bit and that alone was much-needed relief!


14 thoughts on “Losing My Mind?

  1. Carmen! My professional life is filled with constant, changing multiple projects. I guess that is called “multi-tasking”. I frequently find myself caught in situations where I am switching from one item or problem to the next. I was never a very organized or neat person when I was younger, but I’ve found that my work has required me to become highly organized. If I let my stuff become disorganized, I begin to feel that I don’t have a handle on things, and I begin to feel anxious and confused. I don’t let myself go like that for too long as that is what causes stress. Sometimes (like today) I will take a day and just get organized. I will make sure I have everything for every project lined out and will determine where each project is at and what is required to complete each task on time and what the relative priority of the task is.

    Forcing myself to organize everything and visually look at is my way of taking away most of my stress. I’ve found that stress is often more about not knowing how each thing will be accomplished and feeling overwhelmed about all of them. When I look at each one in its piece, I usually find they are much less daunting than I thought and my stress is greatly decreased.


    • Abe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been? Welcome back and thank you! I hadn’t thought about that actually. Taking a day to JUST get organized! Maybe that’s where I lost my way? I am ultra organized and somehow things got so overloaded that I feel in such out of sorts. I think I will delete everything I have scheduled for tomorrow, and instead make it a “get organized” day! Sounds perfect! Gracias!

      (did you and Roger go off and join Blogger or something? Ha!).



  2. Carmen,
    Your friends have given to you a lot of useful advice. I envy you cause you have so many good e-friends! 🙂
    Life teaches us often using unpredictable and frustrating ways. After we learn your lessons well, it gives us more complicated tasks. It helps us to understand ourselves better and grow.
    Past few weeks were stressful and scaring for you. You have got new experience! Great!
    What if you look to the situation differently and find some advantages?
    Hugs! Helen.


  3. You know I’ve referenced the whole ADD before….so I have trouble focusing too. But, I really try to focus on the task at hand while at work….and the task that is most important at that moment. Sometimes I get interrupted with phone calls or our receptionsist that says, “this student just has a quick questions” which is rarely a quick question. I say don’t little it get to you….do what needs to be done to the best of your ability and realize the rest will get done.


  4. I’m the same way. I’m organized, efficient, and able to hyper-focus on one task at a time so that I can deal with it competently and quickly and move on to the next. Because I don’t multi-task, I keep a list or lists (I often keep categorized lists)so I can cross each task off as it’s accomplished.

    When I’m working, I don’t want to be bothered, precisely because I cannot multi-task. On my office door I have a sign that says, “DO NOT DISTURB UNLESS YOU ARE ON FIRE!” And I mean it. Grrr…

    I think the idea of multi-tasking is something people made up to justify our too busy lives. We don’t take time to breathe anymore. We’re meant to do be doing everything all the time. In my state they’ve finally enacted a law that’s made it illegal to text and drive at the same time. Why? Because people can’t multi-task like that. When they try people die.

    As for life being overwhelming right now with one task bleeding into another. I think we’ve all been there at one time or another. Sometimes life gallops along and other times it moseys. Just remember to breathe and you’ll be fine. 🙂


    • Kate! You are so right on so many levels! I have never text while driving because, ironically I’m just not that coordinated (uhem, and I was a dancer for many years by the way). But my mind doesn’t function that way. And I never “phone” and “drive” — I prefer music while sitting in my car. And yes, I guess I just have to admit that life is doing it’s thing and galloping along. I don’t know. It’s just been a real tough couple of weeks and well, maybe I’m feeling better that I’m not the only one! Thanks for the support!



  5. As abyss said, people are not multi-taskers. I don’t mean some people are good at multi-tasking and some aren’t. NOBODY is good at multi-tasking. They may think they are. But, they aren’t. Actually, the people who think they are good at multi-tasking are almost always the ones who are worst at it. So at least you can admit you aren’t good at it, there’s a lot of people who can’t get to that step, haha. There are numerous studies that show this such as this one. There is another study that also shows that by multi-tasking you actually do everything slower and worse than you do if you do those same things one at a time.

    My advice is to separate everything into smaller tasks. If you think about everything you have to deal with it can become very overwhelming, very quickly. But, since you can only deal with one thing at a time anyway, I suggest making a list (mentally or on paper) and putting things in order. What do you need to do first. What can’t you do until you finish something else. Prioritize and stick to it. One thing at a time. It really does make things easier and less stressful. And don’t start looking past the next thing on your list towards something else. To steal a baseball/sport cliche, take it one game at a time Carmen.

    Now that I’ve given you my advice I suppose I should actually follow it myself…..hmmmmm, perhaps if you follow it I will too.



    • Leave it to my JM to reference and link to a study! You are so waaaaay cool! Thanks! I think I’m going to follow your advice boo, so I suspect you will too? I’mma hold you to it! 🙂


  6. Carmen, this is what we as women do best. Appear to have everything under control. What works for me is this. I have to make a list of things that need to done. The most important things are at the top. I cross them off as I go along. This works for home, work and the kids stuff. Girl, you are not alone!!!


  7. Recent studies have really been chipping away at the myth of multitasking. As us humans embrace more and more forms of simultaneous stimuli (tv, web, cell phone, gadgets, etc.) some think that shows we are realizing benefits from “multitasking.” But I don’t really think we are. I don’t think we’re wired for that sort of thing.

    I’m like you. I’m admittedly not good at multitasking. In fact, I hate it. I like to do one thing, do it well, finish it, then move on. To me, the act of finishing (awe, come on, dirty minds!) is what I enjoy most.

    My advice: Embrace your “singletasking.” Ensconce yourself in its comforting embrace. When you feel two or more things trying to blend into one, open up your awareness to that, then try to consciously find a way to wall them apart.

    Much easier said than done, I know that! Good luck!


    • Hahahaha! Leave it to you to keep me laughing (finishing! Ha!).

      I like the idea of “embracing” it. Truth is, I felt a little embarrassed to admit I wasn’t a multi-tasker since everyone always assumed I was and goodness, there seems to be some “greatness” in being that. But, thank you for admitting you’re not a multi-tasker either! That just made me feel so much better. “Embrace my singletasking”…hey, maybe we should start a club!

      Hugs (perfect comment to start my morning! thanx Tom!)


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