Quick Tip: BE WHO YOU IS!


I don’t know where I heard this line, but I say it a lot!  More often to myself every morning in the mirror as I brush my teeth, but, I also say it to friends or people who need to hear it as well.

I remind myself to just BE WHO I AM.  The makeup, the hair, the clothes, the bag, the shoes, the car…. All that “stuff” is NOTHING but the façade that actually works to either enhance the REAL ME or diminish the woman I can BE.

So every day I empower myself to just remember that who I am is good enough, without all that stuff – that ME is actually brilliant enough, that everything else, and everyone else, will unfold accordingly and all I need to do, is be the best “ME” I can possibly be!

Today, be authentically who you really are — hide behind nothing. . .


12 thoughts on “Quick Tip: BE WHO YOU IS!

  1. Uh oh. You’ve got my brain spinning right now. Get ready for a long-winded comment here, Carmen. Almost a mini-blog. I know you don’t mind. 🙂

    At one point, I was anyone BUT me. And that stemmed from the perceived need to placate everyone; make them feel comfortable. Reading people, understanding what they wanted to hear, and then saying it. And THAT came about as a survival technique to avoid violence from my dad. (Yeah, pretty dark, I know.)

    But eventually you grow up, and without any kind of cognitive therapy you have no idea that this survival tool isn’t necessary anymore. In fact, you don’t even recognize it as a tool until someone helps you by pointing it out. Like a therapist.

    You quickly realize how ridiculous it is to keep mimicking people and understanding what they’d like to hear, and saying it. But then you’re left with….what?

    So you start on a voyage of self-discovery. Just so that you can, as you put it, “be who you is”.

    Who you are though, turns out to be (sometimes) an ever-evolving person. I don’t like being static and still. So there is ongoing need to push the envelope. No longer the chameleon you realize you have a personality, and you figure out that that personality like to play.

    So you take every day boring conversations and find ways to spice them up, often by saying outrageous things. Becaue it’s fun. You get to the place where people don’t look to you to be the peacekeeper anymore. They’re smiling and wondering what the hell you’re going to say next.

    Yeah. It’s a good deal.

    And how this comment ever evolved from first-person to third is beyond me. Just the way my brain works.


    • I love the way your brain works — and I never mind any min-blog post from you EVER! You can write on my blog anytime boo 😉

      But you’re very right – we are ever-evolving. But I don’t think we can get to that place of growing till we truly understand that we are not here to placate others and be chameleon-like, as you say. S, in my humble opinion, “be who you is” IS the first step.

      So glad to “see” you around writer-boy. Have missed you much. Hope you’re still working on your project. Abrazos!


    Thank you, Carmen.
    A thoughtful post.
    It seems so simple – to be who you really are.
    When we see God within ourselves, we become able to see God within others. To be who you really are… I am asking myself,’Who am I?’ I have to play many roles – woman,mother, wife, daughter, sister, partner, etc. But who am I?
    A deep and challenging task. 🙂


  3. I think as you get older mature you learn this lesson more and more. Which is why I’m surprised someone as young as yourself would have it down pat like that. I mean, what are you 23 28?



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