How do you fix something that’s broken?

I guess there are many ways depending on the item, but I’ve learned that sometimes no matter how much you try to fix something, say glue it back together, it’s just never the same. Inevitably it falls back apart and needs mending over and over again.

And that’s not such a bad thing I do suppose.  But it’s not my style for sure.  One of my “negatives” is an inability to keep mending things over and over again. I have a three strikes rule:  after three attempts, honest and true attempts, I usually walk away.  I let things be and start anew.

I developed this way of being when things just seemed so overwhelming at one point and I had too much on my plate – no matter how much I prioritized I never could work on everything at least once.  Things got neglected without so much as an attempt by me because I never seemed to have enough time.  So, I decided to become more efficient and give everything, everyone a shot.  How quickly could I handle certain things if I gave myself a time frame?  A limit?  I could attempt every situation, every relationship, accomplish what needed to be accomplished to the best of my ability, and know that at the very least I attempted to mend, fix,  and help everything (and everyone) in front of me. And anything that didn’t work out, anything that didn’t stay glued together was obviously – just not meant to be.  Then I could feel good about letting it go.  No longer would I feel bad about just not having the time to “get to it”.  At the very least, I tried, it didn’t work, I’m done.

But what I’ve come to realize over the years is that some things are so precious that once they are abandoned they are gone forever.  Once I walk away, there’s usually nothing left but maybe a faint memory.  There are no replacements.  Sometimes in my haste to move onward and “let go” I’ve lost out on something that was so unique, that even in its broken state, could have given me so much more joy than having nothing at all. I mean, a broken diamond, could still be a bunch of little pretty diamonds, shining brilliantly and still beautiful in magnificent ways, right?

Maybe some things are not meant to be fixed at all.  Maybe, sometimes when things are broken, that’s exactly how they’re supposed to be. Their purpose or functionality might have changed, but, if given the chance, they could still be beautiful  in ways I’d never even considered, right?

Maybe, what I keep seeing as broken, is merely a different form of growth or newness. And maybe, just maybe, it’s not my job to fix, help, or mend everything and everyone.

How do you deal with the broken “things” in your life?  I’m so very curious.

…. I’m just thinking out loud today.