9 thoughts on “Think Before You…Speak

  1. “. . . People are Talking all the time and saying nothing . . .”

    So that is what’s being going on in our lives!

    Something can be said about listening more and speaking less.


  2. Carmen,
    I agree with you.
    Someone wise said, ‘Don’t speak if the words you are going to say will not change the world for the better’.


  3. I was going to tell you what I thought about this video but then I decided to keep it to myself. Yeah, I’m taking your advice!

    Ah, The Manuscript. That explains a lot. Sounds like good times. 🙂

    I always try to think before I put anything out there in the permanence of the internet. Then I deliberately do the opposite.

    We have become a society of content producers. All of us are now little media outlets. But if all of us are transmitting so much data, who, if anyone, receives any of it?

    Did you have a script for the video? If not, wow. You are so articulate and well spoken. I look forward to your Friday videos.

    There is a lot of wisdom in your words. I may start a non-sharing blog and see how it goes.


    • Tom! What is a non-sharing blog and can you share it with me? I have to admit, I do read your blog pretty regularly, but sometimes I just laugh and think, I can’t keep writing that I think he’s funny even when he’s so…negative! I think because I “know” you — or “get” your writing, I do believe that you go out of your way to do the opposite — that’s why it works, and is, most times, funny (sometimes though, you sure do make me sad or mad.. but that works too!). So, believe me, many of us are receiving it — even if we’re not commenting all the time. But, I’m going to be better about it. I know it feels good to KNOW people are reading than just hoping they are — so, I’ll be better about it. That’s my intent anyways, I’m “back” in that sense too…. but yes, people are receiving. OH YES THEY ARE!

      Script for the video? I don’t know what you mean? Oh, you think I should transcribe it perhaps? Hmmm. I could do that — I’m trying to avoid writing/typing more during the day than I have to for my book…but maybe I will.

      Anyways, thank you for your sweetness Tom! I know you’re just a big ‘ole teddy bear…grizzly bear?



  4. How the heck are you so cute? More video blogs, please. 🙂

    It’s interesting. I often will refrain from blogging because like you said, there’s nothing to say. And even when the impulse to write a blog comes and I give in to it, quite often it’ll get deleted before posting because….well, frankly it’s boring. If it’s boring to the writer, there’s a good chance it’s not good, and will bore other readers too. (Not always – sometimes the stuff we think is crap will resonate with some people – go figure).

    I treat Facebook updates in similar fashion, though I’m a lot more lenient, because I know it’s by a nature going to be a very short blurb.. Still though, I think it’s important to shy away from the mundane type of “guess what I had for breakfast” type of posts.

    Twitter….. Well that’s a different beast entirely. In some ways, I think it’s probably the best creative outlet there is. You are forced to express a thought within 140 characters, and that serves to train writers to not be verbose. As a reader, you know there’s nothing worse than reading redundant passages. It’s like a slow torture. As for content though – I’m much more forgiving and much more crass sometimes. Often I have nothing of import to say, but will pull something out, if it sounds funny, and just blah it out there. Just as often, I’ll go back and read it later and delete it. Rarely do I use twitter as a tool for finding out stuff – preferring instead to follow comics and other funny people. Reading their brilliant tweets gets my creative juices flowing, and on the odd occasion I can even produce something that starts to resemble a joke. 🙂


    • Wolfie — you always make my morning!

      I’m the same with Twitter — though, I admit to just using it myself to read up on “what’s going on” — I’d like to say with the “world”, but the truth is, I find myself more interested in my favorite actors (especially when they are on set) or political pundits and figures. Twitter is probably the cooler medium to a certain extenet creatively anyways. I agree with that and didn’t look at it that way — so thank you for that perspective!

      Happy sweet day beautiful man. I shall go and “check you out” on Twitter now. 🙂


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