The Greatest Love of All

There are moments that you remember, that change your way of thinking, that change the trajectory of where you were going.  For me, Whitney Houston’s rendition of The Greatest Love of All was one of those moments.  To this day, I shed a tear easily when I reflect back on how this moved me, altered how I felt about myself, kept me going as a kid.  Even today, when I’m feeling low, I recite the words and if I can, I play this song, this version and I’m always inspired.

The power to do that — the power to touch a life like that with your gift,  is so mysterious to me.   I pray I use my talents and gifts just as brilliantly.  Thank you Whitney Houston.  May you rest in peace.

10 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All

  1. This song brings back alot of memories and was one of those that you grew up with and appreciated then but even more so now that you are much older.


  2. This song is playing in my iPod right now….she had an amazing voice and am grateful we’ll always have her music. We lost her all too soon. Great dedication to her, friend.


  3. This song will always offer Hope and Life, no matter what circumstances we might find ourselves in. Thank God for such a performer to provide us with its beauty and transformational power.

    michael j


  4. Carmen I’m sure you use your gifts just as brilliantly. Whitney Houston had such a beautiful voice, definitely a gift and a blessing to all who heard her sing.I hope she finds the peace in heaven that she never could find here. R.I.P. Whitney!


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