The Little Things. . .

It’s the little things.

On my run up a slight hill this morning, a woman moved out of the way with her dog and gave me a little shout out  “you’re almost there, don’t give up!”

Later that morning, I walked into the post office and a man held the door for me. . .

A client stopped me as I walked into her office and said, “I love your outfit today.  Those shoes!”

On my way home, a really nice driver, let me cut in-front of her even though I had made the mistake of trying to get through the light and just didn’t quite make it.  She laughed  and then motioned for me to go on right ahead.

The cashier at the grocery store ran after me all the way across the parking lot when I forgot my credit card at the register.

I sat in my car and went through the sweet day I had. So many kind and wonderful moments and it dawned on me:  What did I do today to help someone, to make someone smile, to make someone feel good? I couldn’t remember a thing.

But I’m gonna do much better tomorrow.

It really is the little things.

9 thoughts on “The Little Things. . .

  1. And that is why we don’t do drugs. I keed, I keed! Sounds like an awesome day. Good things seem to come to good people. I think that explains it. At least you are so highly intelligent you didn’t miss the moral of the story.

    Don’t tell anyone but something sort of similar happened to me. I went to the fast food place and when I walked in someone was waving crazily at me. I didn’t recognize the person so I was immediately wary. He explained he was just being friendly. I realized the person was special and everyone was avoiding him. I placed my order then did something highly unusual. I went back to have a conversation with him. He told me his sister was in surgery and he was afraid he was never going to see her again. He said he was afraid she was going to die. I told him my wife had just had surgery there, too, and that every single person on staff I met that day was extremely caring and did a fantastic job. He cried and I told him his sister was going to be okay.

    Then, walking back to work, I crossed the intersection where cars routinely try to run me over. But that didn’t happen. A lady did the unthinkable and allowed me to proceed through the intersection and then, get this, smiled and gave me a friendly wave. What the!

    I remember thinking that it must have been some kind of immediate feedback from the universe. And for some reason it reminded me of you.


  2. What a nice post. Yes, it really is the “little things” that make or break a day. So glad you had many sweet moments recently.


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