The Non-review Review: LINCOLN

Let me first say, that I’m biased.

Most who know me, know that if Steven Spielberg filmed a brown paper bag against a white back-drop for 3 hours, I’d find it genius, fascinating, and worthy of my $15 movie ticket.  Clearly, there was no question I’d be seeing the film LINCOLN.

But those who do know me also know that I rarely recommend people to see any film.  I think film critics and film reviews tend to taint the movie going experience one way or another.  I prefer to have conversations about a film we both watched instead of pushing you to see a film you may or may not be interested in.

With that said, I’m about to contradict myself.  I am suggesting there’s at least one reason why seeing the movie LINCOLN would be worthy of your money and more importantly, your time:  Simply,   to watch Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis.

For me, the movie itself meets all MY criteria for what makes a great movie:  if I forget I’m watching a movie and I’m totally “in it”, then it’s probably a great movie.  But make no mistake, its cerebral.  A thinking movie.  Political.  It’s historical.  The action scenes are not what you think.  There’s no romance in the story, yet there is a love story.  Actually, I’d say there are two.  Maybe even three…

Now, there are plenty of reviews that talk about the brilliance of this film. Some that try and slam it.  Others that question its historical accuracy…  I admit I don’t have enough historical knowledge to argue its accuracy and in the end, don’t care so much.  Historical accuracy is not as important in this piece of art as is the artwork itself.  This isn’t a documentary after-all.  But even if this isn’t your genre, even if the thought of sitting through a historical political piece bores you, even, if you have NO INTEREST at all in politics or the significance of the 13th Amendment to The Constitution, trust me, going to see this movie just to watch Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is SO worth it!

There are very few moments when we get to experience such perfection at work.  Off the top of my head I think of Michael Jordan playing for the Bulls, or maybe Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice….you get what  I mean.  And watching President Abraham Lincoln on the screen portrayed wonderfully, maybe even perfectly, by the great Daniel Day-Lewis, was quite…well, magnificent to say the least.  I’m so glad I had the privilege.  I hope you get to watch one of the best, most gifted actors of our time at work.  If there’s any reason why I’d push anyone to see this film, it would be for just that one reason:  To see pure genius once again.  I just love when that happens and it’d be a shame if you missed it.

I also tip (flip?) my curls to the great Mr. Steven Spielberg. Another fine film.  Thank you.

But Daniel Day-Lewis?  Incredible!  Go see this film!

8 thoughts on “The Non-review Review: LINCOLN

  1. To be honest, I was a little unsure of Daniel Day Lewis was before seeing this movie. I just knew I wanted to see it. When I was in town for Thanksgiving, I took my parents to see the film. My Mom, probably just exhausted from well, being a mother…nodded off a few times. However, my Dad (usually the sleeper at movies) stayed glued to the screen the whole time. Daniel Day Lewis was FANTASTIC with a capital F. Oh my gosh, what a great portrayal….Sally Field was excellent as always. Loved the extras I didn’t know were in it like Tommy Lee Jones. Spielberg worked his magic once again..and to think Lewis almost didn’t do the movie, but so glad he finally said yes!

    Great posting and Happy Holidays!


    • Hey Mares, so sorry to just see this post! Thanks for stopping by! I felt the same way about Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field. We’re so on the same page.

      Merry Merry and Happy happy! It’s Christmas time baby! Have a safe and wonderful one!



  2. Hmm. I was going to give this a pass until I read your (non)review Carmen. DDL scares me, quite frankly. I’ve never seen an actor so immerse himself into a part the way he does in so many of his films. There’s a VIP theatre nearby (comfortable and spacious seating, full wait service, alcoholic beverages) where this is playing. Think I’ll have a go.


    • Wolfie — I can honestly say that I have always been a little hesitant of Daniel Day-Lewis’ as well. Always thought he was great (My Left Foot? Amazing), but he never was a reason for me to run to a movie. I admit up front that if this wasn’t directed by Spielberg, I might not have gone, might have waited for the DVD, etc. But even if you don’t like the film (which if you’re a political freak at all, you’ll at least find some value in it), I’m not sure anyone would dismiss this man’s amazing performance. I think that alone is worthy of the viewing. Especially if there’s a full wait service and alcohol! Ha!

      Can’t wait to hear what you think — I’ll be very curious.

      Hugs Wolfie! xxoo.


    • You are so right. Shout out to Doris Kearns Goodwin! However, I’m always careful NOT to compare a book to a movie. Two different art forms and sometimes, lets face it, most times, neither to do the other justice. But how could they right? I always refer to it as the difference between a painting and a photograph: the subject may both be about a bowl of fruit, but no one would ever judge them the same. But great book. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the movie. My facebook page has mixed reviews. Love, love, love talking about film!

      Hug El Guapo…I love when you stop on by!


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