On This Sad Day. . .


Such a major conversation about guns. Truth is, we also need to be having a conversation about MENTAL HEALTH. About how we talk to each other, about how we deal with anger. Even how people talk to each other on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. – – its disturbing. Yes, have your arguments about guns. But haven’t we already been here before? Do me a favor: sit down with your kids, your family, your friends and talk. Yeah, just talk. MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. Communication matters. We need to step up. We need be smarter. Better than we used to be… please, let’s be better than we used to be…

Much love and peace to my neighbors and friends in Connecticut.

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      • Thats what i am hoping to bring people together who have experience loss, i ve lost all my family in the last 10 years, been so depressed with it all had a black out and broke my ankles beyond repair so i ve had to deal with all the drama while in constant pain. If i can turn things around and start being positive, others can too they just need to find their inner strength and mines is being able to talk to other people, so i want others to have the same opertunity. You are so welcome God Bless xxxx


        • What a great and wonderful spirit you are! Please, know I mean that kindly and not in a condescending way at all! Taking your pain and sadness and using it to change and help the world is…..AWESOME! Maybe that’s not the best word to use, but you know what I mean. I am so sorry you suffered so. But I am so glad you made it through the rain and are walking along to help others. Such a beautiful thing. Inspiring. Thank you! And I’m so honored to follow your blog and “meet” you! Peace and blessings and many hugs to you!


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