8 Year Old Boy Killed at Boston Marathon

This is Martin Richard who died yesterday in the Boston Marathon. Sweet boy. Love. How anyone could hurt others is beyond me — I don’t care what your point is, what your suffering is — when you kill others, like little boys, for that point, you lose my ear, you lose my attention, and instead you gain my anger and my disrespect.

Martin Richard Killed Boston

2 thoughts on “8 Year Old Boy Killed at Boston Marathon

  1. Carmen, I grok. I’m sorry for the feelings you are dealing with right now. I share them. It is so hard to look at a photograph like that. I find myself thinking about what might have been. I’d be the first to say the hell with this reality but even I have to acknowledge that at least people like you still exist. And that gives me hope.


    • Tom — thank you. Your words..are so helpful. This is my hometown. And even though I live in Los Angeles, it is always home. And I don’t know, I’m just angry. This violence is just out of hand. . .


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