Carmenisms: Whatever Will Be, Will Be

The Gist:

“I cannot sing but…”

“…enjoy the moment…we really don’t embrace it until something tragic happens…enjoy the day…”

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Turner Classic Movies:

Doris Day Website:

The Recognition:

My very cool sister Teresa

Que Sera, Sera, Music by Jay Livingston, Lyrics by Ray Evans, Original Artist by Doris Day

Shot with a Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera



10 thoughts on “Carmenisms: Whatever Will Be, Will Be

    • Yes! After playing at the gym (thanks for outing me!) — I figured if I’m gonna do it, I gotta do it whenever it hits me — I never post, but hope to more often (you know I say this all the time). But the cool part: I got this cool camera now, so I’ve been video blogging a lot. Just haven’t posted — I shall try. Watch. This. Space. 🙂


  1. HA! Who says you can’t sing?

    Doris Day was a class act. If you can’t be in the moment all the time, at least leave yourself a note everyday to just stop and relax or enjoy yourself – no matter how caught up your are in responsibilities.

    (Of course Doris is before your time. You look like you have an eternally young heart.)


    • Oh no….you can’t visit me before your BIG POST tomorrow! Now, what will I say? What will I do? 🙂

      I feel bad because I don’t know any of her movies. I feel like I need to brush up on my Classic movies if I’m going to keep pretending I’m some sort of “actor” — but yes, she was (and still is) a class act. Her birthday was this past weekend. That’s why they had the big marathon that my sister was watching..

      And my dear sweet man — trust me, I have many many talents — but singing is not one of them AT ALL. But thank you for the sweetness. Make me feel good.

      (oh, and I love the “note” idea. I’m gonna steal that! Writing myself a post it right now — and putting it on the Frig — GREAT IDEA!).

      “See” you tomorrow. Can’t wait to read…..


        • Ha! That sounds hilarious! Why would anyone leave you for that? Hmmm… I can’t wait. Very excited to wake up and read you anyways. I always do. I don’t always comment, but I always try to read. You. Are. Awesome!


          • Spam-speak ids brain twisting to read. And write.
            Thanks so much! I also enjoy your online company, wherever I find it.
            (And I’m glad you aren’t chained to your computer like the rest of us.)


            • See, you taught me something new. I never read spam, but yes, you’re right — annoying! But still, it’s you writing a LOVE STORY in spam-speak! Creatively genius and will be fun.

              I enjoy your online company too. You’re my little crush. *big teethy smile*.

              I shall read and comment manana!


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