As I lay on the cool grass looking up towards the greyish blue sky… I see something.  It’s slowly falling — dancing in the quiet still air.

Is it a feather? A petal?  A piece of something?  Maybe clothing or paper?  I can’t tell.  It’s small enough to not really see, but big enough to believe.

The wind slightly makes itself known.  The piece skips a step and then tumbles perfectly into a new position…a newer journey, perhaps?  What grace this dancer-of-sorts has.  Nothing deters its simple waltz across the early morning sky. If anything, it seems to embrace a spectators’ spirit to be even more impressive.

Inner View

2 thoughts on “Inner View

  1. Oh my goodness! I tried so hard to capture this on a nature walk. We were sitting on the top of a hill and watching these beautifully coloured leaves float in front of us into a ravine. It was so tricky to get them on video. You did it. Bravo!

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    • After laying for a while watching and seeing a few coming down, I finally put the camera face up and left it there for a long while as I kept being memorized by the view. Got home and went through the footage… I have to admit, wasn’t as cool as laying there watching it all… but I thought it was kinda great to capture a moment. Made me think for sure! Thank you!


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