Genius: Benedict Cumberbatch

There’s so much “stuff”  going on right now with the death of Eric Garner, the Torture Report, etc. that I just wanted something positive to share. So here goes some happiness I’ve been enjoying lately!  I hope you find some joy in it too!  (transcription below video if you prefer)

(Video Loosely Transcribed)

I admit I’m a newcomer to the Benedict Cumberbatch fan club band wagon.

About a year ago, a friend of mine had told me that I should be watching Sherlock on the BBC and I kinda just put it on my “TO WATCH” list.

About a month ago I was home sick and decided to watch one episode – of course, I binge watched the whole thing.  And I couldn’t figure out where I knew this man from.  I couldn’t figure out why he seemed so familiar.  And eventually I realized he played Kahn in Star Trek.  If someone had just mentioned that fact, being that I’m a little bit of a Sci-Fi geek, I would have totally made the connection and I would have watched Sherlock right away just based on that:  Kahn from Star Trek!!!!  Hello!!!!

In all seriousness, I am shocked by this man.  And I know there are a lot of people who are in love with him because they think he’s so good looking – women and men alike – and I get it.  But what makes him more fascinating to me is his talent.  And I’m not telling anybody anything new.  However, the reason I’m doing a video-post about him is because I never use this word loosely and I have to use it to describe this man.

I think he’s a genius.  Yup, I said it.  A Genius!

I remember watching Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls back in the day.  And I remember everyone feeling like we had never seen something like this before.  Being in complete awe of someone’s ability – and not just their ability, but their humility while doing it.  Right?  It’s not just about the talent, but it’s about how they portray themselves when they’re not doing what they’re so naturally gifted at.

Of course, I’m now binge watching all things Benedict Cumberbatch (he’s been in so much by the way, like, 12 Years A Slave, August: Osage County, etc. just go click on his IMDB page and I’m sure you’ve seen him in two or three things you just didn’t know it).  He’s seamless.  I keep watching interviews and listening to him. And it’s not just his talent that fascinates me, it’s his ability to understand his talent and where he is IN IT that makes it so amazing.  And it’s not that he doesn’t care about fame, but he seems more concerned with how fame is going to affect his ability to portray the characters he needs portray.

Simply, I find him amazing.  And if you don’t know who he is, or you haven’t watched anything he’s been in or you think he’s some teen fad, I’m telling you right now check out his current movie:  The Imitation Game.  It’s out right now.  Fascinating. I’ve posted the trailer below.

I think we are in the midst of a genius.  So take the opportunity to enjoy it while you can.  It just doesn’t happen all that often.  Cheers!

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  1. Hi Carmen! 

    I’m in NorCal right now. Getting ready to make my move on Friday back to LA. Moving in on the 22nd. Then Christmas with beach and wine 😉

    How are you? It will be great to finally meet you. It seems as though that we’ve met along time ago. Funny how that works. 

    Happy Holidays!! Bill

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    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my writing/video on Benedict Cumberbatch — I can tell he’s one of your favorites – Hahahahaha! 🙂

      Good luck with your move to the Beach. And yes, enjoy a wonderful and beautiful Christmas and hopefully we’ll meet up shortly after the holidays. Cheers!


  2. I absolutely agree with your assessment of Benedict Cumberbatch Carmen. I’ve been a big fan since I first started following Sherlock after Season 1. The funny thing is that I was a little worried that his reprise of the role of Khan would disappoint. After all, that’s a classic to us Trekkies. I shouldn’t have worried, for he brought new depths to the role that made it even better. They showed some clips of The Imitation Game during an interview he did recently on Charlie Rose, and I came away not only with knowledge about Alan Turing that I didn’t have before, but even more respect for Cumberbatch as an artist as well! 😀

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    • You know, I was worried about so many things regarding that movie (Star Trek) in general — and on so many levels it kinda did disappoint 😉 But, his performance of Khan was right on point. I agree with you 100%. And yes, I saw the Charlie Rose interview — he just seems like a great guy and a great artist. I’m so loving that. And Alan Turing….I had no idea at all… and now, I’m grateful on so many levels for…well art, that gave me such knowledge! Life is grand…most days anyways…. 😉


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