Happy Birthday YOU!

I did some DNA testing a while back and got the results.  Fascinating.  Life changing.  Soul affirming, to say the least.   As many of you know, I’ve never had much information about my father.  None actually.  There have also, always been questions about the“biological-ness”  of my mother and well, now some questions have been answered. It’s a good thing.

Carm Bath

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There’s no doubt it’s amazing to find out where your ancestors are from.  But knowing WHO you are, and loving yourself anyways – flaws and brilliance alike – is not something you can find out on a DNA strand.

On this day, this precious day I call my personal holiday, I want to share the best thing I’ve learned during this process. What I’ve always known really:   I am who I am because of all of you.  Those who have touched my life, those that have walked into my world, helped me, hurt me or just those passing by — all of you have helped me be comfortable with the unknowing.  I’ve grown brilliantly regardless of the uncertainties.  My foundation, the building blocks of my life, have always been an incredible love that finds its way through anyways – no matter what.

So for my birthday, I wish for anyone reading this, for even those not reading this, to have a most perfect and beautiful day.  I’d also love World peace.  And while I’m at it, for chocolate cake to be as healthy as broccoli, for exercise to be as easy as watching TV, for belly fat to be the new sexy, and for Donald Trump to not be on any ticket or any TV anywhere — but since I know those are far-fetched and unlikely dreams, I’ll take hoping all my friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, acquaintances  and yes, even all my enemies to have the most brilliant and wonderful day.  That would make this the best birthday ever!

Happy Sweet day to all of you – Don’t mess up my gift now… have a beautiful and  brilliant day no matter what!

While you’re reading this I’m sleeping. It’s my Birthday!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday YOU!

    • My son never met his father.

      I know that sounds strange, but I guess I should have said his “biological” father” who refused to even admit his involvement with a woman on a one-night (or was it two or three) night stands somewhere in glorious downtown Cleveland, OH.

      The adoption agency tried to track him down, but he must have thought we were trying to get money or something from him, so he shut the door on any chance of us learning about his medical history. Too bad.

      But, I guess if Nicholas, now 23, wants to learn more he can also check it out through the DNA path.

      I like you as one of the many contacts that I have had over the years. I believe that you and Wold have helped me to grow. Maybe not in the best way (only kidding Wolf), but in ways that have benefited me whether I liked it or not.

      Yes, feeling hurt can help us grow. So can feeling love and compassion.

      Happy Birthday girl!

      Michael J, Philadelphia

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      • Michael… I’m sorry to hear about Nicolas. I truly am. I have been so lucky as to not be saddened or afraid of my connection to anyone else because…. I’m not perfectly sure to tell you the truth, but I know I’m one of the lucky ones for sure. Most people in this quest (finding their parents and such) always seemed so pained or afraid. I never have and I’ve always known that was a blessing. Thank you Michael. For your kindness. For your insights on your blog over the years as well. I am honored to call you friend. Have a wonderful day. Sending a great big hug!


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