I Fell In Love…

It’s been three months. Where have I been? What have I been up too? Here are the bullet points:

  • I fell in love.Red-Heart-800px
  • I changed jobs.
  • I filmed a new movie.
  • I’ve had two oral surgeries, going in for a third in the next few weeks (first world problems, trust me).
  • I got rid of more people in my life who were stripping me of all sanity (anyone voting for Trump, was a good start).
  • I lost a family member (may he rest in sweet peace).
  • I moved (back to the beach, exactly where I’m supposed to be).
  • I became a vegetarian (it only lasted ½ a day).
  • I traveled a bit (not to Scotland as planned, but traveled nonetheless).
  • I started writing a new book (haven’t published the first one, but eeeh…details!).
  • I made four new cool friends (I hope they’re not Trump supporters).
  • Came to terms with some DNA testing that threw me (yes, I’m partly Caucasian. I know, it shouldn’t have come as some surprise, but, what can I say? I’m only human).
  • I’m still in love. It’s a good thing.

I’ve been horrible lately about keeping up with my favorite blogs.  I apologize. I’ve also been a bit MIA on Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’ve been on Twitter a little bit, but even there I’ve been lagging.  Honestly, it’s been nice to be in the real world a bit.  And although I do love interacting online, it’s been somewhat nice not to be so connected all the time.

I had an interaction with a vile woman on a Facebook post that belonged to CNN New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo.  It was such an interesting experience because most days I wouldn’t have even bothered. But, for whatever reason, her insistence on being cruel and negative towards this man, this celebrity, that she did not actually know, was mind-boggling to me.  After a very long-winded interaction, (I should apologize to Chris Cuomo’s people on his FB page because it went on forever), I finally realized that her being cruel and negative was actually what fueled her.  She eventually admitted as much. That’s when I was done.

To be behind a keyboard and lashing out at someone, when there is no reason to be, is quite extraordinary. This particular post that Chris Cuomo was sharing with his fans, had nothing to do with anything – he was having a somewhat existential moment.  Her reaction to his post was…the only way I can describe it is to say it’s like someone having a temper tantrum online, if that makes any sense.  People usually call these types, TROLLS. But the truth is I think that’s too easy to dismiss.  She really hated Chris Cuomo for so many reasons, and I kept asking her, why would you follow someone you hate so much?  Her answers made me realize that hating him, following him, lashing out at him, was a much easier thing to do than actually dealing with her own self in the real world.

I guess that’s where I’ve been lately; dealing with my own self in the real world.  I have fallen in love with life again. Maybe it’s the ocean air, maybe it’s the new neighborhood, maybe it’s just ridding myself of negative people in my life, but I am so in love with the right here, right now and…well, it’s pretty spectacular!

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some tough moments these past three months.  But that’s how life goes, right? Ups and downs, good days, bad days.  As I move along my personal journey, I hope that whatever comes my way – good or bad – that I handle it with as much grace as possible, hurting no one else along the way. I never want to be so bitter or so cruel. And I never want to be fueled by negativity. I really hope to always be “loving” this thing called life.

Yeah, I’m still in love.  It’s a good thing.


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6 thoughts on “I Fell In Love…

  1. Falling in love is *awesome*. So jazzed to read this, Carmen!

    (What can I say? I’m a romantic.)

    Interesting too that you’ve pulled back from social media. I deleted my Facebook account about a month ago (?). And I’m getting rid of my cable TV too. Anything to reduce the amount of time suck that takes me away from real life, and from writing.

    What’s worse, I found I was enjoying the debates a little too much, and getting hot under the collar about stuff. It was negative energy and indulging that just seemed like so much wasted time.

    Good luck with the oral surgeries! And keep excising the negative people in your life, too! That is *so* healthy I can’t stand it. : )

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