If All You Got Is Hate. . .

Liberals. Conservatives. So called Independents…start finding that place inside you that is LOVE, like when you were a child, that free-spirited place where it was fresh, clean and easy — because all this hate, from all sides, is only going to make matters worse for all of us, not better. Nobody wins in HATE. Nobody. Love still has a shot. Find a way to get there…

It doesn’t mean you have to stop your protest. Or that you shouldn’t support President-elect Trump or any of your causes. It means it needs to come from a good place. Not an evil, vindictive, hurtful place. We can make change, make our voices heard, do our jobs — without being so angry, so pained and so inhuman.

You know what social media has done a good job of? Making us less compassionate. We have no empathy for each other — we can never just disagree, kindly, lovingly. It’s easy to do behind a keyboard — when there is no real physical reaction to have to absorb. I refuse to let technology change me. And I’m screaming at all of you right now: You have become horrible people because you are not coming from a place of LOVE. Stop it. All of you.

We are Americans. We will get through this. But we have the power to decide HOW we do it. Decide right now, to be better than you used to be. Be the person you want others to be…don’t demand from others what you’re not capable of providing.  If all you got is hate, I don’t want you on my side.  Cause as corny as it sounds, my side is LOVE. Period.  – CLezeth


4 thoughts on “If All You Got Is Hate. . .

  1. How could the experts get everything wrong?

    I don’t know. But I stopped watching television news and reading the newspapers.

    I don’t want these negative emotions to take over my very being. I plan to withdraw and hang out with people of like-minded feelings and emotions. Place a “Safety Pin” on my chest and let everyone know they can be “safe” with me should they need someone to comfort them or to simply let them cry ona shoulder or two.

    My shoulders are big enough for ’em. I believe you are cut from the similar vein and that is why I believe that I will always love you and feel safe in your company.

    Thanks for this post!

    Your friend,

    Michael J


    • I do believe we are cut from the same place — taking a break from television and news in general is a good thing. I did the same thing too. And, I’m not sure the experts got everything wrong — I think there is something bigger happening right now that we may all be missing. And I’m finding comfort in knowing that no matter what, we’ll be okay. I’m grateful to have love in my life — to have joy — and I do feel safe, knowing you’re there like me, wearing a pin — extending a shoulder to lean on, a safe space. Thank you my friend. Sending you much love and light — and reminder not to lose faith. We really are stronger together. Your friend, Carmen.


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