First Day in Shorts…Sun Damage…

First day running in shorts!  Oh, California I’m so glad we’ve had so much rain, but I loved today so much.  Not too hot, not too cold, finally no rain — sunny and gorgeous.  Beautiful day and a perfect run!   But looking at these pics, I noticed something on my skin I wanted to share…wait for it…

1) My bruised knees from a fall over two months ago — doesn’t look like the scars are going away any time soon!  😦


2)  Mid Cam Pic.  I was hoping to record my squats, but uhm, nope.


3)  My favorite part:  Resting. Done.


See those “white” dots/discoloration on my legs?  Sun-damage.  Yup.  And I don’t even lay in the sun.  So, please wear your sunscreen always peeps!  On lighter tones you may not even notice what too much of the wonderful sun can do to your skin.

Be smart and take care of you!

Happy sweet weekend to you!


5 thoughts on “First Day in Shorts…Sun Damage…

  1. I never have dealt with snow; cold to me is when it gets in the 40’s/50’s. But that is from living life in Florida. I always worry about the wildfires and flooding out in Cali. I’m never sure if my friends are close, so I end up calling them. Hope you are doing well, Carmen. 🙂

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    • Oh, you are too sweet. I’m fine. I live in a pretty safe area and I’m never near the wildfires and flooding. But thank you so much! So kind of you. But I agree, cold weather is always anything below 65 degrees! LOL! Sorry, but I’m all about the SUN. 40’s or 50’s? OH NO! That’s a blizzard! 😉


  2. I envy you SO much right now. It feels about 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit here in Toronto right now. We too have the sun but….

    I’d love to live in Cali where you can where shorts on some days.

    Still – it was great to read your post. Puts me in the summer mood (almost – I have no doubt it’s not feeling quite like summer where you just yet).

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    • Wolfie! Yeah, I used to live in Vermont, bordering on Quebec and so winter weather is just NOT something I ever want to live through again. It can be beautiful for sure, but… yeah, I’m a California girl now. I need warmth. And we’ve had rain for so long. But still… pretty decent temperatures comparatively. When you do move over here, make sure you let me know… we’ll have to hang out on the beach for sure!

      Sending you many hugs (and some warm weather juju!).

      Carmen 😉

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