to sleep.

to write in my journal.

to listen.

to give people feedback. I’m good at it.

to watch TV and laugh. Comedies first, dramas second.

sex. Duh. It’s so much better.  Who would have thunk it?

I love intimacy. Rare.

to eat good food.

good looking men.  Eye candy is a thing.

owning the room.

my hair.  When it’s working its magic.

making people feel good.  Especially when they’re down.

I love Chocolate Cake.

a Moscow Mule.

I love George Michael. He was my first. Prince, my second.

I love listening to music and strutting down the street.

I love dancing.  I still got it.

meeting new people.

to smile. With my eyes.

shoes.  Beautifully well-made shoes.

action movies.

I love kissing a beautiful man with perfect lips.

taking a hot shower.

I love a smile. Not too big. More of a smirk.

I like working out.  I love when I’m done working out.

a great massage by Shea.

people who like me.

I love beauty. I see truth.

I love kids. Cool kids.

I love my life.



I love the color maroon. Red, on the side of brown.

you. The real you. Easily.


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  1. Beauty, truth, and the color maroon, what a wonderful person you are Carmen. Oh and eye candy – yes. Keep on keepin’ on girl! 😍

    Ironically, your Like button doesn’t seem to like me. Not to worry though, as I get the same thing over on Pied Type’s blog. Hmm, I think her blog is privatized too… 🤓

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    • A Moscow Mule is a drink made with Vodka and Ginger Beer. Very sweet, but with a kick to it.

      I really do hate working out, but aaahhhh I do it every day so I can keep drinking Moscow Mules and eating chocolate cake with no guilt whatsoever. 😊 xo


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