2 thoughts on “Inner to Outer

  1. It’s an interesting exercise, writing stuff out in longhand, knowing that you can’t actually go back and do edits (unless you want your pages to look like a horror show, what with all the white-out and scratching over and stuff).

    I could never do it. I’m not shy about it or anything – I just can’t read my own writing anymore. My signature looks like I tried to write while sneezing. : )

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    • Hahahaha! I love that your signature looks like you tried to write “while sneezing” — that’s such an awesome description. Yeah, I totally get it. I’m a huge fan of long-hand and do it every day. I may have to keep posting this way because it just feels right and keep my other writing (typing) for my “work”. We’ll see. But yes, my sketch books — which is what I use to free-write by long hand are quite interesting to look at — but they are fun and creative and messy and not. Just part of my process. And I love sharing it. As always…sending you a big hug my Wolfie. 🙂

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