4 thoughts on “Strength Eludes Me

  1. It feels like I am about to walk over a cliff when I think about letting go. The ground from where I stand is firm and I often don’t want to take the step toward the unknown, toward that fall from the certainty, even though that so-called solid ground is what is hurting me.

    Sometimes it helps to have a friend to nudge you, like reading her words of courage to simply let go.

    Thanks for the incentive!

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    • I get it! I totally get it completely. I think that’s right — taking that step is hard and so uncomfortable and honestly, right now, the hurt is just as devastating, but I think this pain is ME getting better… as much as it hurts and is hard to do, taking that step is a step in the right direction because it’s toward healing. “Staying in it” — and allowing something else to cause you pain — digging the hole deeper — can never be a good thing.

      Thank you for commenting on this — it gave me strength this morning and made me smile. Life fascinates me so much sometimes. It really is the little things, huh? Hugs.

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