And They Call Themselves Christians…Disgusting!


This is my response to a Tweet and Facebook post and I HAD to share it here (original Tweet below):

43. Ain’t that sad? And we’re being encouraged to call. Lord help us. You’d think it’d be all Senators without question. Especially the “religious” ones. The Republican party — you know, faith and family and all that crap. I’m heartbroken by children being damaged by this senseless act — I’m just as heartbroken by all the adults who are standing by, using Biblical passages to justify their wrong-doing, their racism. Is there any question if these were little White blue-eyed children this would be happening? Not. One. Question. At. All. I am NOT trying to sell my book at all — I’ll give it to anyone who wants it, but THIS is exactly what my story is about — PEOPLE DOING THE RIGHT THING when a child was in need. Adults, stepping in and making sure a little brown Latin kid from the streets didn’t fall through the cracks and all of them — not knowing each other and not at the same time — just doing the RIGHT thing and BEING A GOOD AND DECENT PERSON. I’m so sorry, I’m so friggin’ angry about this… it’s killing me. This administration is killing all of us slowly.



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2 thoughts on “And They Call Themselves Christians…Disgusting!

  1. It is unbelievable that this is what our country has become.

    I feel ashamed to be an American. But, as they say, “This too will pass.”

    Michael J, son of an immigrant father and grandson of immigrant grandmother

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    • I am ashamed as well. This too shall pass, but I fear the damage, on all sides, will be DEEP.

      Much love to you Michael.

      Carmen, daughter of an immigrant. (I may sign my name like this all the time now.)


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