Forced to Write

I have been writing regularly since I was about 13 or 14 years old. bitmoji-20190328072744

I remember how it started. I had been told by an authority figure – a teacher or a therapist – I can’t remember which one — that I needed to start writing every day.  They were trying to force me to write about my feelings so I would deal with my mom’s passing because I wasn’t dealing with it at all.  I was just rehearsing all the time.

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In a lot of ways it was bad that they were trying to force me to write because, as with anything, when you force a kid or actually an adult as well, to try to do something – the first thing you want to do is be defensive and not do it at all.

But what it did do, is exposed me to a possibility.  And that possibility to get up every day and write in a journal – has been my saving grace.

Now I’m not an advocate of forcing people to write every day, or to do whatever it is I think works for me…

I do think being able to take time out for yourself every day is really important – especially in this world and in this time where everything seems so stressful.  We have so much technology around us — and you know — I always kind of giggle at people who pay so much money to do yoga, and meditate —  we’re actually paying for quiet and silent sometimes.

So, for me at 4:30 or 5 O’clock in the morning, I’m having my coffee and I have my sketchbook out and I hand write because that’s what I do.  That’s how I start my day and I rarely ever missed that no matter what.  Even if I’m traveling.  I tend to like to “hand” write because I like the texture from the paper and a pen.

I have a kind-of system that every year around my birthday I shred all of those sketchbooks or documents or whatever I’ve been using.  That’s just been something I’ve always done.

I think it’s harder for me to write on a computer in a “journal-entry” kind-of form.  If I switch gears in my head and call it creative writing then I’m able to do it a little bit better.  But it’s not the same thing.  It’s not the same therapeutic kind-of process that I do every morning.

The reason why I shred journals every year is because sometimes when I sit back and read them –  they are just horrendous, or bad, or just they’re kind-of gibberish.  And there just kind of process…

Sometimes I’m working through problems, or anger things, or happy things that I never would want anyone to know about.  And there is also that — there is the ability, and the want to make sure that it’s always private.  It’s just for me. It’s not for anybody else unless I choose to share certain things about it – and I have in the past, taking pictures of my journal entries at times and posted up as a journal.  You can find them here in my blog post – but that also takes a lot of work too because I have to go back and reread it and I’m very careful about how I’m writing it.  Yeah it’s just a different mindset.

As always, I just like to share these things. I would love to hear how you go about giving yourself time every day — that would be fantastic to know – how some people make sure they find time throughout the day to meditate,  to think,  to create or to just “BE”.

As always, I hope you have a sweet day. I appreciate you stopping by, and I’ll be back again real soon.



7 thoughts on “Forced to Write

  1. I love that you started writing using WordPress. I wish I had started writing on a computer because it might make the “sharing of things” that much easier. But I’m quite addicted to the pen-to-paper thing. Ha! And sure, no one should be forced to write. I agree!!!


  2. A Catholic priest in high school encouraged me to write. A professor in a community college also sparked my interests.

    I don’t do any shredding though. I didn’t begin a journal until someone introduced me to WordPress on the Internet.

    Writing has been therapeutic for me and most writers I have come to know. But I wouldn’t want to see anyone force another person to write. It’s gotta be voluntarily and straight from the heart!

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  3. I used to write…the words used to flow…my heart used to sing and revel in the beauty of life and the fairy-tale I lived in but as life would have it, I could not write anymore. Now, I am slowly getting back to me and loving myself more each day. Thank you for your thoughts which has reminded me that its never too late.


    • Well, you’re welcome. But, I’d like to think you took a small break. We all sometimes need too. It’s part of being human. Slow and steady if my favorite pace — I’m glad you’re walking yourself through. It’s never too late. Learning, growing, loving, being, creating… all of that is a life time of doing. And you, just reminded me of THAT. Thank you! Hugs.

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  4. Writing is cathartic for me as well… I began my blog after a particularly horrendous school year and my father’s passing. It helped me focus on the positive, rather then my loss. Thank you for the reminders of the possibilities.

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