What’s Wrong With Me? Bucket List


20190124_160919In the past two weeks I found myself catching up, in one way or another, with old friends/acquaintances. Some are old work-related contacts, others friends from long ago —  with one contact it was as if no time had passed on by at all – we just picked up where we left off.  With another “friend” I remembered instantaneously WHY I stopped talking to that particular person within 5 minutes! Oy!

Of course, this promoted me to look at old pics.  As it always happens, I ended up going down a rabbit hole of pics and found a few… my last marathon 2004 for example… 




I think I want to run the LA Marathon next year.  WHAT?  This is what I get for looking at old pics!  Oh no…

I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. I’ve completed three full marathons — but they were in San Diego — and the LA Marathon has been on my mind for a long time.  Of course, if I was real serious, I’d try to qualify for the Boston Marathon, since it’s my hometown. But, uhem, baby steps…  I’m shocked I’m thinking about this at all!   

I’m hesitant because in 2017 I participated in a Tough Mudder with my fabulous work-out group and nearly died!  Look at my face in this pic — it kinda says it all — this is ME trying to get over a wall: 




Below is a great pic BEFORE we hit the track of mud. We didn’t take a group pic after, but actually, we were all pretty happy and it was a great time — but the scars, scratches, bruising… it was weeks of recovery for me. Just not my kinda thing, but glad I tried it!  Again, crossed off my bucket list FOREVER!  


Tough Mudder Love 03.25.17 (2)


Granted, running and doing an obstacle course are very different things, but running 26.2 miles is still RUNNING 26.2 miles.  Unfortunately, nowadays, I call a “long run” any time I run to the beach and that’s just a mere 6 miles at best — and only if I actually run back!  Ugghh.  But…  there’s something in me that thinks I can do this again.  I should do this!   

It’s funny. I have so many things on my Bucket List.  I crossed this one off three times already and yet, I still feel like it’s not finished yet.  What is wrong with me?  

I’m positive I’ll NEVER do a Tough Mudder again.  It’s just not my thing. But for some reason I’m itching to finish another marathon.  Maybe I’m posting this so someone will talk me out of it?  I hope so.  

You have at least 4 months to talk me out of it. I’ll have to start heavily training by then.  The next LA Marathon is March 8th, 2020.  I just tried to register but it’s not open yet… is that a sign NOT do it? Hmmmm. 



I’ll thank you in advance for talking me out of it. Maybe you have another thrill seeking, accomplishing, kinda crazy thing I can do instead?  Lay it on me.  I’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list…  

Happy Sweet Day!  





14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Me? Bucket List

  1. I can spend all night looking at old photos and reminisce. That’s why if I know that I only have a few hours to spare, I stay away 😂.

    Wow, either you’re tough or I’m a coward. I’ll never try anything you’ve done, even running more than 26 miles sounds like torture so I will not be one of them who will tell you to keep going. haha 😀 The only thing in my bucket list is countries to visit for vacation or mountain to do soft hiking and camp on.

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    • Oh my goodness! You have me laughing — thank you! I’m not sure it has anything to do with toughness at all or being a coward — NO WAY! I used to be a dancer, and then, after an injury couldn’t dance anymore — so I had to do something to stay in shape (I had started to gain weight) and so walking, then running… and then I needed a challenge, so a 5K, then a 10K… and then, somehow three marathons. So, it wasn’t intentional. It was a gradual thing. Now I’m just itching to do another — Oh, and yes, traveling is lovely! Also, so many places to go on my list — I’d love to do a marathon in Italy! Or maybe, just hang out in Italy! Hugs Jessica! Thank you — you just made me laugh and I’ve been having a tough day!

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      • Oh sorry to hear that your injury is preventing you from doing what you like.
        I never been to Italy but the first thing I can thing I can think of is riding a boat in Venice (classic haha)
        I’m happy to hear that I elevated your mood 🙂 Hugs back 🤗

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  2. Unfortunately (maybe), I am not going to talk you out of it. Rather I wish you good luck with the training and preparations. I think you unconsciously pointed to one of the biggest drawbacks of bucket lists. They sort imply that if something is done once, you need to move on to the next item on the list. Why not rather do whatever one wants to do (even when, on some levels, one doesn’t want to) – and for however many times?

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    • Oh Otto! I hate you. I love you! Hahahaha! You. Are. So. Right! I never thought of it that way. The “bucket list” concept definitely has flaws. And clearly one of them is thinking that crossing something off means never having to do it again — but in fact, it should maybe just be a guide of sorts — things to try that one has never attempted and maybe will do more times…. Aaah, thank you. Ugghh…. such a great point. I should be happier. But I know I will be on March 9th, 2020 once I cross the finish line. xo!

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        • Well, Rachel, if I’m being honest, I’ve had an on-going “bucket list” since I was about 12 years old. One never knows when they might die, so… I like my list. Crossing it off. I am adding to it as I go along… but… my mom died so young and there was a time I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the following year (birthday). Truth is, none of really ever know. But it’s not a thing of fear — it’s more of a visual list of sorts to keep my eyes on the road a little clearer — not stray too far off my path in a way. But yeah, thank you for being so kind. I’m still giggling over the “congealing” and “Carmen” words in the other post. You put a wonderful smile on my face. Thank you! And, nice to “meet” you! I will be checking out your blog/website later today. So excited actually! Hugs.

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  3. Visit San Antonio to see my car insurance company, USAA.

    No, only kidding. But I want to walk the Alamo where Davy Crockett had his last stand that Walt Disney made famous on television when I was a kid of 5 years old wearing a coonskin hat and “remembering the Alamo.”

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    • Oh, you NEED to do that! It just seems like such a good and tangible bucket list goal! I’ll cross my fingers you do it soon. Visiting San Antonio is actually an option! And if I do get there this year, I’ll definitely let you know! It would be AMAZING to hang out and catch up in person! 🙂


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