Getting It Done

I hate using the word “procrastination” because it has such a negative tone to it. Truth is, some of my best work is done when the tic-toc of the clock is closing in.  I know quite a few people who also function this way, successfully too! 

However, it’s not my favorite way to work. Not at all. I tend to be a very organized, “To Do List” kind of person. I love scratching off an item on my list and moving on to what’s next.  But sometimes there are items that just feel so big or torturous that I just don’t want to do them – that’s where procrastination plays a role. 

The things I don’t care about at all, are the things that get pushed aside in the wake of the things I love to do and want to do.  I’ve decided not to be too cruel to myself about it anymore and instead embrace the idea that I’ve mastered the art of procrastination.  That can be a new skill after-all. Why not?

Beating ourselves up for not always doing things the “right” way, tends to just make matters worse. Negativity isn’t going to make you work any faster or better! Instead, find a way to embrace what you may see as “faults” in your way of functioning and see if you can’t make what seems to be lemons, into lemonade! 

I procrastinate. It’s just the way I get some things I hate to do, done. Getting it done, is all that matters.


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      • As a newspaper reporter, the deadline for a story got my juices flowing and I was able to knock out stories much quicker than usual. In addition, there is a saying in the legal profession: “A civil attorney is always prepared but never ready to go to trial, while a criminal defense attorney is never prepared but always ready to go to trial. We called it trying a case from the seat of our pants and it worked more times than the more prepared approaches.

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        • This is a GREAT example of how it all works. I’ve never heard that about lawyers, but that’s a great saying and makes sense! Working from “the seat of our pants” is exactly what it should be called. Hey, whatever works, right? 🙂

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