#30 Days Trying to Find Joy Challenge – Day 10 & Day 11

March 16th, 2020  9:20pm  –  Oh, all this social distancing is making people nicer!

Yesterday I wrote a piece for the AuthorToolsBoxBlogHop that I belong to so I didn’t write for my personal night time writing challenge for Day 10. Well, I did write, but not for THIS.  Hmmm. In the future, I may have to include days that I actually write for a BlogHop or for another reason as a “day” of the writing challenge anyways.

Today’s joy was easy. A woman was walking toward me as I was out for my daily jog and as she noticed me, she went to cross the street. Everyone is doing this – we’re all moving out of each other’s way. But as she crossed on over, she waved to me and said, “Have a great workout”.  I smiled and waved back. 

No biggy.

But it happened again with a guy on a bike. Then another woman walking her dog – she waved and said, “Good morning”. Everyone is keeping their distance, being careful, but adding a “Hello” or a wave and a smile. 

Maybe my bar is so low that I was surprised at the kindness.  Or maybe, in a crisis, the best of who we are prevails anyways.

Yeah, I’m gonna believe in the latter.  I just have too.

On my Walk in the Rain Today

5 thoughts on “#30 Days Trying to Find Joy Challenge – Day 10 & Day 11

  1. Isn’t that something? hahahaha! I ditched the gym membership long ago, but I totally understand. It is raining again here today and I’m looking forward to my walk — the next “Great Adventure” — I love that! Hugs.


  2. I was pissed at God for closing my gym after I finally got into a routine to exercise on a regular basis. No more treadmill to help me walk at least two miles a day.

    So, I had to hoof it outdoors and walk around the neighborhood passing young and old people who were friendly and smiling as they pass me by. Some were dog handlers and a few were joggers.

    I felt the sun beat down on me and the air seems just a little more fresher than what I had remembered it to be.
    Hey. Walking outside could be my next Great Adventure. Maybe I’ll see there!

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