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Here’s another excerpt from this mornings journal writing – the ending part anyways.

Monday, August 17th, 2020

I’d be curious why others take up the challenge of writing…what made you start writing? Hmmm.


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21 thoughts on “Why We Write #AuthorToolboxBlogHop #Writer

  1. Love your hand writing! In her book “The Aritist’s way” which I bought dacades ago bit still find interesting Julia Cameron suggest as exercise first thing to do in the morning, even before breakfast si to write three pages. It does not matter so much what, what matters is to write.
    At first I found this idea a little weird, but when I tried it I noticed it was a good suggestions.
    Years later I still sometimes do a cycle of “morning writing”. And it still works.
    I’m not a writer I’m more interested in visual communication but I like to keep my brain alive (so much as possible at my age!) and to keep my creativity active.
    Again, your hand writing is beautiful!

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    • Thank you. That is so kind of you to say. I do know the book The Artists Way — wonderful book for anyone to digest in any field really. I write every morning in Sketch books. I have since I was a child. Every year on my birthday, they are shredded. It allows me to use it as a space to VENT, SCREAM, CREATE with no fear or judgement from myself or the possibility of anyone else seeing it EVER, unless I choose to use bits of it in my books, writing or blog. I recommend it 100%. Some people love typing, I find joy in the pen to texture of paper. I have posted quite a few journal entries on blog in the past — I may do more in the future. Thank you again. I honestly think my printing is messy in this post, but again, no self-judgement allowed. Ha!


  2. I normally ‘write’ on a laptop but do scribble thoughts & ideas on paper. The ever present notebook in my purse or beside my bed to capture glimpses into a narrative. As I write free flow I know I can type quicker than I can write so that is my choice. Great post & thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you so much! The irony is that I also type much faster, but there will always be something about the texture of pen to paper that soothes me. And it’s my every day, with my morning coffee. There is something therapeutic for me. Buy yeah, I totally understand what you mean! I love that you stopped on by. Thank you!

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  3. I really like the hand-written post. It’s a beautiful thing to do. The personal-ness of it. I like that–write because we can! It’s what humans do, telling stories. : ) Thanks for sharing!


  4. I am NEVER showing you my handwriting, so don’t even ask! Every time I put pen to paper, a grade school teacher loses their keys. Love how your journaling played out for this post. I’d wanted to write creative fiction seriously for a long time, but I got serious about it five years ago, and it was for a lot of reasons but mainly that I was getting too anxious when working for other people, which is a nice way of saying I was coming off a run of bosses I wouldn’t wish on anyone.


    • Hahahaha! I’m cracking up — nice take on “…an angel gets their wings.” OMG, that just made me belly laugh! Seriously, I hate to admit this, but that’s my sloppy writing too. But yeah, we are so similar in so many ways. I guess I am real serious about writing now. Hmm. I didn’t think about it that way, but yeah! Thanks Raimey. xo.


  5. I love this post so much! It was so refreshing to read a hand-written journal entry, and it’s so true. Writing feels ridiculously hard, but journaling just flows. I keep a “writing journal” that’s separate from my normal journal. In it, I talk about how my projects are coming along (what I’m struggling with, what’s going well, etc.) and it can be so helpful to just scratch stuff out by hand sometimes. Good luck as you work on your second book! (I hope it eventually leads you to that house with a gigantic porch overlooking a meadow.) 🙂

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  6. Pretty much the same story here. I was making good money as a lawyer but I was absolutely miserable (except for the perks you mention – nice hotels, business class flying, etc) Now, I make a fraction of what I made then, but I am a much happier person. I do wish I made a bit more though because the only thing I don’t like about this life is figuring out the why of why a book doesn’t sell well.

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    • Well, I’ve recently read one of your books (Love in the Suburbs – Hands Off) and I don’t know why they’re not selling well either. At the end of the day, it’s clear that this is a business — just like acting and dancing — we can be GREAT as artists doing what we do, but if we don’t have the networks and the business connections, it’s just going to be hard. But, don’t give up at all. Your books should really be romantic TV movies. I hope you take this as the compliment it’s meant to be, but easily your stories could be on Hallmark Channel. Of course, how you get from book to TV movie is something I know nothing about. But, yeah, happiness is priceless. Being miserable is a cost I’m never willing to invest in willingly EVER again! I wish I had more information to walk you through. But between us, when it comes to writing & the business of writing, you’re the genius among us. Here’s what I do know for sure though — persistence wins EVERY time. Every. Time! Hugs my friend. Hugs.

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    • First I want to say what amazing handwriting you have! I am so jealous! No one would ever be able to read my scratchy journal writing if I took a picture of my free flow thinking. Secondly, your journey is incredible. I smiled and also teared up all the way through. Writing is Hard. I’m still trying to find the time to finish all of my writing dreams. Happy Hop Day 🙂

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      • Hahahahaha! I will admit, I do have pretty decent writing and my “cursive” is even more impressive. It’s the strangest thing really. But thank you! Second, I love that shared tearing up… you just made me smile. We’re all in the same space trying to finish up all our dreams, it’s so good to know I’m not the only one! Don’t give up. Never, ever give up! 🙂

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