Weeks Before He Died

The best part of college were the friends I made. I argued and disagreed with Cesar so many times, but loved that we could laugh just as passionately. Somehow we were friends anyways. Maybe it was our common “Latin-ness”, maybe not. I would have liked him anyways. He was just that kind of guy. Charming as all hell. Good looking… it was annoying. I spoke to him a couple of weeks before he died. I remember the call. He hadn’t called for me, he was talking to Richard and I jumped on the phone to say hi and really just to rib him one more time. It was our thing. A pretend kind of loathing for each other, that was really a sweet respect. He promised we’d meet up next time he found himself in Los Angeles. I promised the same. I planned to be in New York next month anyways…

No one could ever forget.

With love, Carmen

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