It’s About Decency

November 5, 2020, Thursday 5:27am

Here in the United States of America we still don’t have a final elected President yet. For what its worth, it feels like Joe Biden will be the next President, but we’re still counting the votes. Crossing our fingers, praying fiercely and…doing any and all superstitious things possible to leave no stone unturned.

Oh, Democracy.  Trying to get us back on track is going to be so hard…but it’s been so hard these past four years as well.  Sometimes I think the world hates us. But now I know they’ve just pitied us. Rightfully so.

I’m feeling better this morning. I woke up feeling more positive because I actually slept through the night. Finally. It’s been tough though, stressful. I think for most people in this country, definitely my personal friends, have had a real hard time of it all.

I had an incredible experience the other day on Facebook. I wrote, at first, kiddingly – that if you voted for Donald Trump, you were “dead to me.”



I knew I had quite a few Trump supporters in my Facebook life, but I had no idea how many and some truly surprised me.  Even more interesting was the vitriol about me posting such a thing. Clearly people are confused about what I will and will not tolerate and that is ON ME. That’s my fault and I completely take responsibility. Any confusionIt ends now.

I lost 200+ “Facebook friends”. I wasn’t surprised by most of them, but I can’t lie – some, shocked me that they WERE Trump supporters. I never knew! WOW. A prominent lawyer, a big time Beverly Hills Real Estate person, a teacher (yeah, the teacher scares me more – Lord have mercy) and the list goes on and on.  The nastiness in how some of them chose to “leave” my page was also quite something…

Here’s the thing:  Most of these people I do not know in real life.  They are “friends on Facebook” and some came through means of other people or activities I know and/or participated in. One person said, “Too bad, I’ll miss you friend.” And I messaged back, “Clearly, we were never friends.” I said that several times in fact, to several different “Facebook friends”. (Note to self: write a post on the definition of friendship.)

I honestly have no idea who this person is in real life nor do I ever remember liking anything on his page and vice-versa.

Here’s my truth:

I decided a few weeks ago that I would no longer deal with people in my real life who support Trump. And it dawned on me that my real life includes social media because we all spend so much time interacting this way – especially during the pandemic. 

I pride myself on being able to get along with people I disagree with, but this isn’t your normal disagreement on policies. Goodness, it’s not even a disagreement on simple things like Coke verses Pepsi or if France or Italy is better to visit (uhem, for clarity sake – I love both France and Italy but there is definitely a crime over whether you like Coke or Pepsi and… yeah, don’t get me started. Ha!).

But seriously, for me, this comes down to decency.  That’s really it. Trump is not a decent human being. Trump does not do anything that is decent. Trump does not treat people with decency.  That’s it. And I don’t want people in my life, whether physically or on social media who do not believe in the simple notion of decency any more. I don’t want to work with you, socialize with you, see you, converse with you, etc. 

When I first wrote the post on Facebook I thought a few people would “like” it. Then it just blew up with angry Trump folk commenting and DMing me and I realized – Oh my God, how did I ever let this happen? How did I ever let people think it’d be okay to be friends with me in any, way, shape or form and believe I’d be okay with their Trumpism?  So, I changed the post and added:  “I’m not kidding. Bye.” 

Look, as of 6:30am, Los Angeles California time (PST) we still do not have an elected President for the next term. My gut says we will soon and I pray to God it is Joe Biden for so many reasons. But whatever happens, let me be clear: I have no patience or tolerance for Trump supporters at all. The line in the sand was drawn long ago — when he called Mexicans rapists and murderers and such — but clearly, I was not CLEAR enough and I apologize to anyone who may have been confused.

I believe and demand decency. And if you support Trump, you do not qualify to be my friend any where and in any way. Period.

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  1. I agree with you completely. I try not to draw a line in the sand and be understanding of peoples views, but this time I just couldnt because the filth being spouted out was too much to bear.

    It hasn’t affected too many friendships of mine, but there has been some parting of the ways for me.

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