2 thoughts on “Nine Times Out of Ten

  1. Where did you get unlined paper?

    I can’t believe I could read your handwriting. Did some nun teach you the Palmer method or some other way of writing? It looks good and makes me want to write something about the holidays coming up.

    Oh yeah. Happy birthday to Joe Biden today!


    • I’m cracking up at your comment! I actually have much better printing and almost calligraphy-esque “cursive” writing when I’m not just rushing through with any thought! Thank you so much though, it made me laugh! I did go to Catholic school, but I refuse to give nuns any credit for my handwriting. I actually credit a “lay” teacher, Ms. McIntyre for taking the time to teach us all calligraphy along with English and Math! But yeah, one of my many useless talents that bring me no cash, but just add to the uniqueness that is ME. Hahahaha!

      Paper — I always use sketchbooks as Journals. I have been using them for over 20 years. Here’s the link to the ones I prefer:


      And yes, Happy Birthday to “soon-to-be” President Joe Biden. God Bless him. xo!

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