Things I’m Thankful For 2020 Edition

Journal November 26, 2020, Thursday 5:22am

Oh, this is too easy to write. I got like fifteen of these, but I’m gonna stick to the ones off the top of my head…in no particular order…

I’m thankful for technologyyeah, I’m talking about you too too social media…

It’s not just because we’ve all been isolated and stuck in our homes over this Covid19 period, but can we just give some props to technology in general?  Whether it’s social media or streaming movies to talking over Zoom and staying in touch with loved ones, even getting therapy – medical care, taking a class, doing research or just listening to music, can we just give technology it’s due? 

I’m thankful for the Entertainment Business – uhha, yes Hollywood, you get dissed so often but without you, where would we be? 

Let’s give a bit of thanks to all of Hollywood, Broadway and all the amazing people involved in creating the movies, the TV shows, the Zoomie things we’re now calling creative movie-making… let’s give it up for the crews and caterers and all the people you see in them credits that roll on by at the end of everything we watch – not just for the stories they tell and the entertainment they provide, especially during these crazy times, but also because, at the very least, they always remind us to DREAM! And being stuck at home all this time… dreaming has been a necessity! So thank you to all the creators!  

Toilet Paper. – need I say more?

It is time to give Toilet paper it’s proper due.  If there has ever been a time to realize how far we’ve come as a society (or how ridiculous we’ve become), we need to realize how bougie we all are when there is NO toilet paper anywhere to be found!  Yes, I tip my hat to something I took for granted. In 2020, I say, “thank you toilet paper” and I will never take it for granted ever again. (Uhha, I see you paper towels and tissues…I see you too). 

Journalists. News Anchors. Reporters.  – the real ones.

You’ve been beaten up, ridiculed, tossed about and treated horribly. Not just by who you were covering but by all of US too.  We’ve demanded more, we’ve yelled at you harshly when you made one mistake and you’ve been kicked over and over again by an Administration that only liked you when you were saying something favorable.  I commend those that fought back. I am impressed by those who continued on no matter what and I applaud all of you, who did your jobs in spite of it being horribly ridiculous most days, relentless and unforgiving every single day – especially when you did it right. And even loved y’all just a little bit more, when you did it with a little snark, a little payback and showed up with a lot of back up and a ton of receipts- truth.  I’m grateful y’all. I’m grateful. 

Black women. P E R I O D T. (the “T” is not a typo!)

Yeah, I know, I know, this may seem self-serving since I am one, but I’m talking about the women of color out there who did the work to bring about change.  The Stacey AbramsPatrice Cullors,  Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi – founders of Black Lives Matter. AND SO MANY OTHERS!  The 91% of Black women who voted in this election, at times when it was made too difficult to do so. Hampered by long lines, bogus bullshittery at the polls – these women still came out and voted anyways – and yes, to save us from ourselves. Thank you!

Good friends. The real ones.

These past months have really shown us who we really are. Can we endure?  And if we can’t alone, will there be someone there to walk us through? I’m clearly one of the lucky ones because I have good friends. You only need one, truth be told – that one person you can just say, “hey, I need to talk” and they say, “can you talk now?”  — Such a blessing.  Good friends walking each other through tough times… a damn blessing I tell you! And they come in all shapes and forms and can sometimes show themselves in the smallest way really.  Yeah, today I’m grateful to have good friends. The ones we know are truly Family.

And lastly, this is an honorable mention:  I’m grateful for masks.  I know, that’s a weird one for sure.  But masks have been the easiest way for each one of us to help prevent this horrible virus spread.  Somehow I feel like I have some control over fighting it just by putting it on – I know that sounds odd, but that’s been my perspective since day one. I also know, who is a considerate person, a decent person, a loving person of humanity, by seeing those who wear it without complaint or stupidity. People who wear masks care about all of our first responders, “essential” workers and front line folk who are really in the thick of it. When I see a person wear a mask, I see a selfless, loving, human being — who I may want to get to know. It’s also had some side benefits I wasn’t expecting:  it’s forced me to wave to my neighbors and use other gestures than a faint smile to say ‘hello’ since no one can see the second half of my face! There really is something lovely about walking down the street and seeing people wave, or talk really loudly to just say… “Good Morning!” Masks are just kind of cool.

There’s so much more to be grateful for this morning.  There truly is… I can easily think of ten more things to write about. And that’s kind of odd, considering it’s been a tough, tough year so far. But maybe that’s the upside — taking the time to realize what we have. Appreciating fully and completely – and understanding never to take it for granted again.

Thank YOU for being YOU and being right here.  I’m grateful you’ve taken the time.