What I Envy in Love

February 14th, 2021 - Sunday 8:30am

Sometimes it's just easier for me to post my actual journal entry. Apologies for...well, all of it. Misspellings, grammar, cursing....all the good stuff you get in journal entries, especially when they are hand-written!

(Yes, I’m a bit silly about pens. I wish I could admit I prefer some expensive pens, but it’s actually the opposite. I prefer Bic cheap-ass pens. And some days it’s blue, some days it’s black — medium point, fine point… honestly, it sounds just as weird to me, I swear it! But it is what it is and it has always been this way. So… uhem, I just roll with it. But notice, I’ve changed to blue.)

Here’s that TikTok clip I mention in case you want to see it – CLICK HERE.

My Super-Power has always been the ability to love so deeply it hurts…. hence, my first book CANELA.

To love yourself so much to know when someone is not in your best interest…

(Honestly, the writing by pen — the connection between my brain and hand-writing verses a computer screen and keys is quite something. I’m sure there’s some sort of study out there that explains it all — but yeah, some days…. I just can’t connect via typing as I do hand-writing. I think that’s a flaw of some sort in this digital age. Bums me out a bit.)

Well, I didn’t make all five points on love that I seemed to make in my type-written piece that I’ve decided not to post after-all. Oh, it was so jumbled and ridiculous! But as I re-read this journal entry I think I just want to add that I wished more people loved themselves as much as they craved someone loving them. I think the world would be a better place if we all loved that person in the mirror looking back at us deeply and unconditionally.

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