TODAY’S PSA: Which Vaccine Did I Get?

Which vaccine did I get?

I love the things we fret about most days. But this shouldn’t even be a question. I hope when the time comes for you, you just get in line so we can beat this thing!!

We really can get through this if we just all get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash our hands, and stay socially distanced just a tiny bit longer. As soon as most of us are vaccinated, the better off we’ll all be!

For the record, I hope you always wash your hands regularly though… uhem.

Stay safe,


4 thoughts on “TODAY’S PSA: Which Vaccine Did I Get?

  1. I got my second shot in April Fools Day and have been feeling good ever since.
    My arm was sore a few days after the first shot but I’ve had no problems with the second one. I kept the card in a safe place in case I need to show it to someone down the road.


    • You know, I’ve heard that from a couple of people. I think my adrenaline is just so overjoyed that I may be masking some other pain? Not sure, but I’m gonna keep it down a notch and pay attention. I have a feeling in a couple of days I’ll be bumming, but still GLAD I’m on my way to being fully vaccinated and happy not to get seriously ill over Covid! We. Are. Almost. Through. This! I’m so happy!

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