A Positive Sign From My Sock

I finally did it, I finally became just like every other normal person on the planet and lost a sock while doing laundry.

I wrote about this “skill” recently, almost with a strange sort of pride and cockiness that sounds so silly as I write it (and say it), but I know it’s true. I just couldn’t understand for the life of me why it was so hard, and common in fact, to keep your socks together in the wash. This was one of those phenomenon’s that just eluded me all my life. Until now.   

What a difference a new comfortable living space makes.

I moved less than a month ago and finally used the common laundry room (in the new place) for the first time. While happily folding my clothes, I realized I must’ve left the sock in the dryer.

Or the washer?

Or did I lose it along the walkway?

Is it in the hamper? Did I forget to wash it all?

Is it behind the washer? Did it fall somewhere?

When I thought about trying to move the washer, that’s when I realized I was clearly losing my mind. 

I laughed at out loud. 

Finally, I did it!  I stopped being so perfect. Or attempting to be perfect anyways…

Clearly, this isn’t about a sock.  But it sometimes the smallest thing that can reveal something about who you are, or who you have been – when we least expect it.  I lost a sock today for the first time in my laundry-washing life. And it felt so good because for the first time, in a very long time, I’m so much more relaxed. A little more carefree.  And less stressed about getting it all right. 

Who knows, maybe I’ll find the sock at some point after-all.  It doesn’t change a thing really.  Getting that frazzled over a lost sock is the point.  Not getting so caught up in the little things that really don’t matter in the big scheme of my life is exactly the point. 

I have food in my belly, people who love me and an apartment that now I can actually feel comfortable in and call home. I also have plenty of other socks.  I’ll be alright.

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