The Non-Bucket List: (Things I’ll Never Do List)

Here are the top ten things I will NEVER do:

  1. I will never run for office. I will never be President of the United States, a Senator or a Congress person. I’ll never run for any state office. (I like politics but have no interest in the job).
  2. I will never adopt a cat.  (I have always been and will always be, a dog person).
  3. I will not hike Kilimanjaro. (This was on my bucket list. No longer).
  4. I will never own a Tesla intentionally. (I do not like who it’s associated with Elon Musk who funded it – he did NOT invent it –  I will do my best to avoid purchasing this car, especially as there are others in the market to choose from).
  5. I will never own an iPhone. (I do admire Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. But it’s like Coke or Pepsi – I grew up with both. But I started on Windows. So… I’m an avid and loyal android user. (Sorry, not sorry?)
  6.  I will never buy a house on the beach. I love the beach, I live two blocks from the beach, but I would never be comfortable sleeping every night hearing the waves that close.  
  7. I will never live in a RED State in the United States.  This is a hard one because I could see myself living in Texas, but it would have to be an incredible reason like I fell in love with a hard-core Texan or something (also, doubtful on several levels and could easily be #8).  
  8. I will never get on a skateboard again. I thought about it the other day when these kids road by me while I was walking on the sidewalk – it actually spurred this blog post – and each one of them screamed as they sailed by — “excuse me.”  — They were warning me they were coming by and I kind of laughed at the thought of trying to skateboard again. That’s a hard PASS. But I’d definitely roller blade or ice skate again… Hmmm.
  9. I will never go on a Cruise Ship. Never been, never will.  Now, I’ve been on a couple of yachts in my life – one for a wedding and the other for some swanky party. Hated both of them even though they really stayed at the dock or port or whatever it is called.  I’ve also kayaked, had my sailing license as a kid, canoed… blah, blah, blah. All of it, just not my thing. I respect and love the ocean (yes, I kayaked on the ocean), I do not want to be IN IT. But if I’m going to be in it, I prefer to be in control somehow – like kayaking and such. Cruise Ships also just seem gross to me. I don’t care how much money or how swanky they are. It’s just never been my kind of joy or form of travel.
  10. ?????????????

This was so much fun to consider. I wonder if other people have an adamant list of things they know they will never do?  I really thought hard about this and couldn’t come up with ten.  I was going to list riding a roller coaster and/or bungee jumping, but I used to love riding roller coasters and wouldn’t be opposed to riding again – meh. And I’ve already been skydiving – and I’d do that again so bungee jumping wouldn’t be that big a deal. I think. 

Well, that’s my list. If you can’t think of ten, maybe you’ve got one thing you know in your heart you’d never do?  Share it if you’d like. But either way, I hope this spurs some ideas on all the things you’d still be willing to do or WANT TO DO – And now I’m thinking, it may be time to start pursuing some of those again so I can cross them off the list… Hmmmm….

With so much joy,


7 thoughts on “The Non-Bucket List: (Things I’ll Never Do List)

  1. Until recently, I had the Alamo visit on my bucket list. After reading excerpts from a new book that pointed out how the Texans were trying to preserve slavery but to expand it and how Mexico fought to keep slavery banned in its territory, I took San Antonio off the list.
    I put the Statue of Liberty on the list.


    • I’ve never been to the Alamo so… thank you. Now I don’t need too. The Statue of Liberty is a good one!

      Every day Texas just becomes a more disappointing state that I ever thought possible. Wow. I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

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    • I love when you stop on by… brings a smile to my face Tony! (PS. You’re the first person to say something like that about iPhones. Be careful. Apple devotees may come after you. Hahahahaha!).


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