Top Things I Do for Fun – Emphasis on FUN

  1. I live blocks from the beach here in Santa Monica. I love going daily to just “people watch”.  And when friends come to visit, or if I’m with my favorite folk, we walk along and catch up.  It’s one of my favorite things to do and, gratefully for me, I can do it daily! 
  2. I dance. I listen to music and dance in my living room. I’m definitely one of those people who will dance like nobody’s watching – I love it. Even while I’m recovering from surgery, I can’t help but put on some old school jam and just dance… So. Much. Fun!
  3. I enjoy watching cheesy movies and analyzing them for all the reasons why they could’ve been so much better.  I tend to lean toward romantic, sappy movies on places like the Hallmark channel & Lifetime – I always go back and re-think/re-write how it could’ve been so much better – I’ll analyze the acting, the writing, the directing… all of it. The costumes, make-up – the cheesier the movie, the better! (I think somewhere in me is a budding Director. For real though because I do this often! And it always makes me laugh…)   
  4. Talking to my 12-year-old niece/God-daughter is one my favorite things and makes me so happy. Even a text from her this morning put a smile on my face! We’re super close and there is no one else on the planet I’d rather talk to about all things Marvel, Harry Potter, music and the 80’s (yes, she’s obsessed with the 80’s!).
  5. Sometimes, if I’m feeling sad, I will pull out my ‘Bucket List’ and revise it, but also re-live some of the things I’ve already accomplished!  It makes me feel better and a reminder of so much I have to be grateful for like being a published author and yes, skydiving – which I hope to do again REAL soon! (VIDEO BELOW)
  6. Although I’m working on a second book, there is no doubt one of the things I do for fun is WRITE!  I love writing this blog, I enjoy writing in my daily journal and I love sometimes just writing gibberish and seeing where it goes… 
  7. I love hanging out with friends for dinner at a beautiful restaurant, or luckily for me, I have friends who are amazing chefs – so anytime I’m invited for dinner, it’s also just incredible joy. I do love a good meal, but just hanging out with loved ones… I’m blessed to have so many and such good people in my life… it’s always fun! 
  8. I really love singing in my car to music – At times, I will find a reason to GO somewhere just so I can blast the music and sing along as loudly as possible. I have a horrible singing voice but am always courteous to keep the windows up as to not hurt anyone else’s ears as I drive along, but I do love singing!  It’s so much more fun in my car!
One of my favorite people on the planet happens to be 12 years old!

9. Meeting new people is always joyful, mostly fun! Right now, this has been happening more via social media and such, but it really is one of my favorite things. To just see how the world looks through someone else’s eyes. There’s a joy in it that I can’t fully explain!  And it’s so much fun to see how they affect you…

This was inspired by a new friend I “met” on a broadcasting / streaming app called HAPPS (Hi JB!). It’s in beta mode and a great time to maybe jump in and get in on the ground floor of a cool new space on the internet – and at the very least, meet some great new people around the world in real time. Please feel free to use my link to jump on – I’d love to see y’all there. Oh, and I do not have any affiliation, other than being a newbie broadcaster on there as well.  I also log onto other shows when invited… so check it out if you have some time:

I honestly didn’t think too hard on this list. Just started jotting it down so I’m sure I have at least one more fun thing I do regularly, but the tenth one eludes me at the moment. If you’re so inclined, please feel free to share one or two things you do for fun. Maybe I can add it to my list…

Happy sweet day – and as always, thanks for stopping by.


You know… I kinda had to add my skydiving video on here because I wrote about it… ha! Enjoy. It’s less than 2 minutes.

Skydiving in Santa Barbara, CA. Awe… I need to do this again real soon. Wanna come? 🙂