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Random Thoughts Post, November 7, 2021 – Sunday 7:30am

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to have nothing to say. Listening is a true artform and skill. People should get better at it.
  2. The way you spew out a comment or tweet anywhere reveals more of who you really are than you even realize.
  3. People complain about how bad the world is yet do nothing to improve themselves to help fix it.
  4. If I were a violent person, I could easily slap 3 people a day for being cruel.
  5. The world does not revolve around you, meaning although you matter, you are not more important than anyone else. Sit down and wait your turn.
  6. If it wasn’t odd and inappropriate, I could easily hug 5 people a day for being remarkable.
  7. I absolutely love the person I am. Nothing you say can change that. I am THAT amazing.
  8. People think money would solve all their problems, what they really crave is stability. A solid foundation to start from.
  9. I work hard every day at being better than I was yesterday.
  10. I do not yearn to be younger, I’m excited to see what happens next and how this life ends up! It’s just getting good now, why would I ever go back?
  11. I hate broccoli and I don’t know why it has taken me this long to admit it.
  12. There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a person shine. If you don’t know what that means, then you’ve never seen it – I hope you do soon! 
  13. If I could change one thing in this moment, it’d be your inability to see your contributions to the nastiness in the world.
  14. If I could change one thing in my life, I would not change a thing. I told you, I’m looking forward to what’s next.
  15. I have never eaten shellfish. So, no shrimp, no lobster, no clams, etc.
  16. I am attracted to men who can apologize for what they’ve done.  That means they know who they are.
  17. My regret in life is wasting time with people who did not deserve my attention and not seeing it quick enough. But the lesson has been mastered now.
  18. I choose quiet over noise, every time.
  19. I choose music over most anything else.
  20. I am a fierce Ally and Advocate for myself.
  21. I learn more from people under the age of 15, than I do from any adult who thinks they’re teaching me something.
  22. Most adults need to stop talking, and instead, listen. Period.
  23. If you think you can convince me of something, you’re arguing all wrong.
  24. Few people impress me, but when they do, it’s life changing, and I love them for life.
  25. The beach is my church.
  26. I write every day.
  27. I see beautiful people daily – even if they don’t know it.
  28. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to be smarter than I already am. (That terrible sentence structure is a perfect example!)
  29. I crave for more empathy in the world. I don’t know how you all live not caring for others.
  30. I appreciate talent and excellence but admire kindness so much more.
  31. It’s so easy to be an ugly person every day, but being a lovely soul takes a lot of work.
  32. With just $100,000 I could change the world (read #8).
  33. My perfect day. Chocolate cake, a “Chris Jamal Evans-like” partner/lover, A walk at the beach, Writing, Listening to music.
  34. My perfect vacation. Chocolate cake, a “Chris Jamal Evans-like” partner/lover, A walk on the beach, writing, listening to music.
  35. My most valuable asset – my friendships.
  36. The least valuable asset – (I honestly can’t think of anything)
  37. I love seeing hummingbirds outside my window in the early morning.
  38. Kids – specifically Gen Z – are the best generation.
  39. I don’t drink much, but when I do my favorite drink is a Moscow Mule.
  40. I may get a dog someday, but maybe not. I will never get a cat.
  41. If Love were a commodity, I’d be wealthier than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett combined. #Facts
  42. I love that even now, at this age, after all that I’ve seen, I still believe the world can be a better place.
  43. Life is not hard. Life is not easy. Life is a continuous flow and your job is to walk through all of it as best you can and learn the lessons along the way – never having to repeat them.
  44. In 25 years, I hope to be sitting on the balcony of my home by the ocean, enjoying time with dear friends, waiting for my better half to come out and join us for lunch. We’ll be old AF, but that’s exactly the point! 
  45. At the very least, I will write two more books, do 3 more movies, marry my best friend, have a house by the beach, run another race, dance on stage, wear a backless dress, and travel to New Zealand.
  46. I have never feared death, but I am not welcoming it either. It’s just too soon – I’m just getting started! 
  47. I thought the gift I’d been given was my ability to dance and perform, but actually I was given the gift of intuition and I’ve used it brilliantly my entire life.
  48. I’ve only seen perfection once, and it was in the smile of a small child.  
  49. The best thing about me is my consistent optimism for you and for me.
  50. Without hope, I’d be a miserable person every day.

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  1. Best of luck with 45, you deserve it all and it’s interesting that it’s not seen as weird or inappropriate to be cruel or to slap but it is to hug… maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world.

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