A Personal Update for My Friends – The Newsletter

The Update.

Here’s my midlife reawakening email to all my friends!  I’m posting it on my blog, because… yeah, who wants to get this lengthy piece in an email, amiright?  I’m just trying to do my due diligence updating everyone.  

I usually start by apologizing for the mass email, but you know-I’m one person and I’m doing the very best I can. Plus, this is now on my blog, so, anyone can read it!  I adore you all for being in my life and for reaching out – I am blessed with the riches of friendship, but please forgive me and understand, I do try to respond to everyone. I get it. But honestly, I’m emotionally exhausted trying to please everyone, by responding to everyone personally. I’m too old for this now. Maybe this is my midlife reawakening? Crisis?  

So, forgive me, but here’s the update:

I got paid to write a personal essay! It’s my first and it was published in Healthy Rich – and the cool part is that Kimberly Latrice Jones chimed in on Twitter. Yay!  It really is the little things that make my day!  I’m now pitching other pieces… not sure this is a career move but it could help with my other plans (see below).

Many of you know, I consult with and produce a podcast for Content Creators called Creator Upload. If you’re creating digital content and/or understand how important and influential the digital space is in our economy, politics and such, you might want to check it out. The hosts are incredible people and at the top of their game – and there is a new episode out every Friday morning. Check it out, subscribe and take advantage of all the great information they share about the digital creator economy and all things social media!

I’m also working on two separate books.  One, is the continuation of Canela and this time centers around four friends and what happened after being “forced” to go to college and ending up in Los Angeles (honestly, it’s so good… I love when I can work on this). The other book is a Business Self-Help guide (not the title) that outlines all the things I’ve learned working with and for high-end wealth clients, start-ups and small businesses. As most people I’ve worked with have mentioned many times, I do have a unique and compassionate style in helping individuals and companies become their best selves. It’s been a long time coming that I put some of that into a book to help others thinking about their own office/business/financial strategies. It’s the same stuff I talk about when meeting with a new client and or company – but it’ll be in book form. That’s the easier book to write because it’s not emotional, so I’m loving that process and idea.  And yes, I’m pitching to editors about articles, blog posts and other content, hoping to get some traction that way as well.… it’s all so new and exciting for me. Honestly, my life surprises me every day!  

I am trying to come up with funding to write these books – my goal is to get $50,000 to focus on writing for the next four-five months. It may seem like a lot of money, but I think we all know it’s absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things. And I need some hardware, some other stuffage that capital would help, but also, just the focused time. For me, like most all of you, a $50K investment would be life-changing creatively as it would for most anyone who didn’t start on 3rd base (who am I kidding, most of us weren’t even anywhere near the stadium!). But y’all know me, if I’m gonna dream, I’mma dream big!  And when I hear about $44 Billion being spent so easily to buy a social media platform, I realize, damn…what a crazy world we live in!  $50K would change my life, most people’s lives and people out here spilling billions… cray.

And please, before I get well-intentioned suggestions, you all know who I am – I’ve already done the research and applied…ugghh… to most everything.  I’m just sharing what I’m trying to do and where I’m at (some of you in this email might be in the book, so now you know and it’s a status update of sortsI’m still working on it, and I don’t know how long it will take, but there it is…). If I’m being really honest, once I’m done with these books, the next book I’m writing is to Foundations, Grant-giving organizations and Banks on “How To Stop Making People Jump Hoops for Your Ability to Feel Good About Giving Money to Those Who Need It, Especially if My Ass Has to Pay It Back With Interest”. That may actually be the title! I tagged these mofo’s in this email blast as well. Yes. I. did. Seriously, WTF?  Maybe it’ll be my first TED TALK?  I’m not kidding. Someone needs to change this industry. Why not me? I have more experience than most, establishing and running a non-profit… the idea that so many organizations say they offer help and then don’t even have the decency to reply to lengthy grant applications? No, that’s not how you do it. I want to write a book on WHAT NOT TO DO when you have an non-profit organization meant to help people. My goodness, the stories from just this past year alone…OY!

Anyway, if you do have some out of the box idea on how I could raise some money, or if you have secretly won the lottery and forgot to tell me… YO, beeooch, what?  I promise I won’t be mad you didn’t tell me sooner, but yeah, we should talk or you should just Zelle or Venmo my ass. You know me, I’mma always use that money for good. And these two books – worth the investment. I’m certainly worth the investment – and if you won the lottery, why you even questioning it?  I thought we were friends? 😁

In other news, I am so good. I am healing after a long stressful year and after surgery – I continue to recover. I’m walking again and even started running a bit. I know a lot of you thought I hated my surgeon, but I love him now. If any of you fellow athletes or anyone needs a referral for an amazing surgeon and his team, I’m finally revealing who did all the good work because… yeah, now Dr. G and his team are on the Carmen’s Favorite Things List (I just made that up, stealing it from Oprah, but I think it’s gonna be a real thing now). He’s amazing and I highly recommend!

If you’ve gotten this far, know that I appreciate you taking the time. I am, as always positive and in good spirits. I may not have all the money I need to make things easier, but I know I’ve got everything else. The pic above is what I see most every day when I take my walk a couple blocks from my apartment. I love this town and I’m not confused by all that I have.

A wealthy person once told me that I could always make a lot of money, but the friendships and the love I have in my life are the kind of wealth they’d always crave. They said no matter how hard they tried, they would never be able to amass such a wonderful group of people, as I have, that they could call friends. Real friends (Some of you know exactly who I’m talking about – keep it to yourself dawg, come on now. Manners! 😂🤣).

But they were right of course, and I am grateful to each and every one of you. I just wish one of you “loves” had won the lottery or had a secret Trust fund you never told me about…because that would be ICING!

And look, for those of you who are bothered by my absence, I’m sorry I haven’t been better at staying in touch. Please know, it is not about you at all. I’m just done treading water and I’m finally trying to swim to shore. It’s just a lot harder and taking up a lot more energy than I thought…and for all my wealth in friendships, I just don’t have the kind of time I wish I had to talk to everyone and stay in touch. It’s such a stupid problem of riches in a way, and I don’t say it lightly, I’m just trying…for the first time, trying to focus on ME. For the very first time. Wow, that’s both sad and cool at the same time.

Thank you for your patience, your friendship, your encouragement and understanding. I am just trying to find my new way of being in this world. I think they call it midlife something or other?  Whatever it is, I’m in it and I appreciate your kindness about all of it! 

Oh, and if you want to check out things I’m working on/doing please visit me here: Lnk.Bio – I update it regularly!

Sending y’all much love,

Stay beautiful. And remember, it really is all about the joy!


9 thoughts on “A Personal Update for My Friends – The Newsletter

    • Thank you Simon! I appreciate it — I am on the mend (physically and mentally!). And, I will… keeping looking after “me” — didn’t realize how badly I was not doing that before, but lesson learned – even if it was the hard way. 😢🤗


  1. Un-freakin’ believable.
    Being interviewed by such a publication and then planning to raise $50,000 for a great project.
    You ar something else girl. I wish I had some money to invest in your project and if I ever hit the numbers I’ll put you in the list. It seems like you got so much going on and you still take time out to respond to your fellow bloggers.
    Good luck.
    Keep us posted please!

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    • Oh thank you so much! You so kind! Let me also take the time right now to tell everyone to read your spectacular book and I’m providing the link right here: https://amzn.to/3s6zj0B
      I appreciate you so much. If I win the lottery or make it big, you are definitely on the list! I am starting to realize being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal is a big deal, but it just seemed so “matter-of-fact” I just didn’t think twice about it. I think when I see the article, it’ll fall in to place! Thank you always Michael! Hugs!

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