Quiet Please

I’m almost afraid to acknowledge how quiet it is right now in my apartment building, on my street – everywhere, really. Dead quiet. It’s like the birds even know it’s a solemn holiday.

This kind of peace is what I crave every day. As I’ve gotten older, I swear either my hearing has gotten incredibly better (which is doubtful) or as a society, we are just so much louder every single day. We never seem to dial it down, take a break… but today, this morning, I’m stunned by the silence. The stillness.

This quiet is what I remember growing up as a kid on the weekends in the early morning. There was no movement on the street, there was no construction or cars going about. People weren’t talking outside your window so loudly, or…

I feel so clear-headed right now. Peaceful.

Maybe this is an argument to move away from the city?  But that kind of isolation is not what I’m looking for either – I’ve already lived in Vermont while in college and thought I’d lose my mind with the boredom, isolation. So, no. That’s not what I’m looking for…

I love where I live, I just want this kind of quiet once in a while. On the weekends. The ability to dial it down. All of us, at the same time.

It really is kind of beautiful. Lovely even.  I hope it lasts for a little while longer…

Deep breathe in… now slowly, let it out….nice.

With so much joy (and peace), Carmen

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