Five Full Minutes. Can You Do it?

Today, I’m asking anyone who is reading this to make a commitment to do whatever it is I ask below. I know. A tough one. Some of you don’t know me, so you’re not sure what to expect. You can stop reading here and go on to the next piece of writing…

But, if you continue reading after this, you will be making a commitment to do whatever I say next. Please take a few seconds to think on it.


Okay, now you have to do it. You have no choice. You promised. You kept reading on.  So, here it goes:

No matter where you are, right now, decide that today, you will take 5 minutes to just go outside and sit for a bit. That’s it. It can be on your porch. Maybe your apartment stoop. Maybe it’s sitting at the beach. Or, like me, this early cold morning I just sat on the curb of my neighborhood street corner.  5 minutes just doing absolutely nothing. It has to be outside, so it’s intentional. No phone, no email, no zoom. No computer. Just 5 minutes of the sun, the rain, the greyish day, whatever it is wherever you are – just 5 minutes for the fabulous and beautiful YOU. 

Five minutes just for you. That’s it. But, you have to do it. If you don’t, I’ll be very disappointed. 😊

Have a lovely day. I’m so glad you stopped on by.


2 thoughts on “Five Full Minutes. Can You Do it?

  1. Can I just walk around and listen to the birds chirp and feel the sun on my face and back?

    I’ll be outdoors and taking in the wonders of nature but also getting my daily ration of steps one glorious wakeful moment at a time.

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    • 💕🤗 Of course! It’s all about taking some ME TIME. I think we need to encourage each other more to do simple things — the world is in need of a lot more love. What better way to start than with ourselves? Hugs.

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