Normalize Being Unable To

I had so much I wanted to write today. So many ideas and stories. Instead, I want to normalize being unable to create because my head’s just not in it.

That has to be okay, for today.

I’m sitting here, knowing what I wanted to write about, but instead, I find myself disappointed at the country I thought we once were – realizing that the United States of America has never been great, not for me and not for so many people.  In many ways, we were lied to about our real history, our rights, the American dream…   I feel bamboozled.  I’ve been loving this country unconditionally since I can remember, but the truth is, it never earned it or even ever deserved it. And now, I’m not loving it all that much at all… I’m so heart-broken.

It is my country though, so I will continue to fight for what it can be.  But make no mistake, everything that is happening around us is messing with our ability to create. To work. To write. To imagine. To dream. Maybe you write about the stuff bothering you, or maybe you don’t. Either way, be kind to yourself. Take breaks. Be okay with being unable to…

This is a strange kind of stress and I think it’s going to be here for quite some time.

Take care of you.

With so much love,