Ten Random Rules I Wish You’d All Consider

Random Rules, Part 1:

  1. If you live above someone else in an apartment or condo – it doesn’t matter when your place was built, take off your shoes when you’re walking around, especially at night. The thumping is loud. And at 3 in the morning, it’s super loud.
  2. All cars, even expensive ones, come with these things called directionals or turn signals. If you’re from Boston, they’re called blinkers. Clearly, some people are unaware of this feature in their cars. It’s the only explanation why people don’t use them when turning. Please look into your car’s configuration and learn how to use this valuable feature.  
  3. Get off your phone when you reach the cashier. You are not that important and you’re just being rude. Pro-tip: If you can’t get off the phone, then don’t step into the store till you’re done. You’re annoying.
  4. When you’re walking down the street next to another person chatting, it is common courtesy for one of you to move out of the way of the solo pedestrian walking in the opposite direction. Read that again.
  5. It doesn’t matter how expensive, color coordinated or fabulous your outfit is, if your energy is nasty, that’s all anyone will see. The best fashion accessory is a smile. Work on making that shine from within.
  6. If you’re not using at least one of these words daily interacting with anyone, you’re doing life wrong. “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” and “Good morning” should be part of your everyday verbiage.
  7. If you wouldn’t criticize someone to their face in real life, then don’t be so willing to say it to someone online anonymously. You are a coward hiding behind a keyboard. You should start practicing just being quiet and saying nothing at all if you don’t have something kind or constructive to say. 
  8. No one wants to hear your cell phone conversation. Please invest in a headset and be aware of your surroundings. It’s bad enough we must hear your end of the conversation, but nothing is worse than hearing the squealing of inaudible noise coming from the other end.
  9. You are not naturally kind and considerate. It takes work to be a considerate person. Work on it today and start creating a much-needed habit.
  10. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you get to be angry and an asshole about it. The irony here is you show more of who you really are than the point you’re trying to make when you choose cruelty as your tactic to win an argument.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Random Rules I Wish You’d All Consider

  1. OMG yesssssssss numbers 2, 3 and 6 my pet peeves. I cant’ stand when people come to my office and they just continue to talk on their phones, so I ignore them until they are done and then I will help them. My coworker just tells them “do you mind not being on your phone so I can ask you questions” she’s awesome.

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    • I cannot tell you how many times in the grocery store I find myself cursing people under my breath for being such assholes on their phones. One time, a woman got mad at the Cashier and I intervened with, “Are you kidding me? If you weren’t on your phone you would have heard what she said!” That woman walked off without paying for her groceries pissed. Me and the cashier laughed hilariously. Like we were the ones going home without food? I hate these people and their attachment to cell phones. Crazy!


  2. I beep at cars that turn in front of me when they don’t use their turn signals.
    I have also had words with a person standing in line waiting for the cashier who continues to talk on the cell phone when they are being waited on. I join forces with the cashier and indicate in a loud obnoxious voice how the person is holding up the line.

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