You’re Doing Woke Wrong

This morning on the platform LinkedIn there was a post about Keke Palmer and her SNL monologue where she revealed that she was pregnant. In the comments was a person named “JoAnna” who shared her dislike of the reveal and that there should be “modesty for wives” for the “sanctity of motherhood”. She then went on to call someone, who responded to her (in a kind way), that they should take their “woke” somewhere else…

Here’s my response to Ms. “JoAnna” and a shout out to the person who initially responded to her named “Daniel”:

Thank you, Daniel. I’m so tired of OLD people. And I’m not talking about age, but truly just OLD THINKING – what does “modesty for wives” and the “sanctity of motherhood” mean, except, I’m still living in a world that hasn’t moved on?  The celebration of parenthood is what happened on SNL and we all got to share that moment with her – globally. The advances in technology and the global square are exquisite and this is a joyful moment. Clearly, “JoAnna” is still living in the dark ages. “JoAnna”, join us in joy. “Woke” only means being considerate. Being aware. Being with the times we’re living in and growing along with it. Woke is not a bad word. Woke is what you should aspire to be. Those values you espouse led to a lot of bad stuff for “wives” and “motherhood”. Embrace today and let go of the past – cuz, we ain’t going back.  The irony in trying to use the word Woke as a bad thing is… well you know, kinda silly. It’s like screaming at me for being considerate and aware.

Uhem, so thank you?

Look, for those of you who don’t get it – first, no one is using the word “Woke” anymore except people who are still stuck in the past. You’re so stuck in the past, that you don’t even realize when an entire word has used up it’s time and most people have moved on (yo, Florida, I’m talking to you).

But still. Since you’re here and still using it – let’s really get a grip on what “being woke” means and doesn’t mean.

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Woke means being aware of your surroundings and doing your best to adjust.

Woke means caring about another person’s well-being and making sure you do your best to accommodate them. Imagine that, caring about your neighbor. What a concept.

Woke means loving humanity so much, that you’re willing to be open to change and learn new words, new ideas, new ways of interacting with people who need to be heard. Again, the concept of being woke means being a better person than you used to be…wow.

The Oxford Definition of Woke is: alert to injustice in society, especially racism. The problem you have with the word Woke isn’t about being considerate, it’s deciding whether or not you think other people matter enough to even see the injustice happening to them.  Again, you’re being selfish – and someone being woke is selfless – caring about another more than their stagnant old comfort. Again, is this who we want to be? We should all aspire to being “woke”.

Let’s talk about what “being woke” is not:

Being woke is not a slur. If you think it is, then you’re doing woke wrong. Might as well scream at me, “Carmen you’re such a considerate person, I’m so angry with you for being a good and decent human being!” – yeah, see how stupid that is.

Being woke is not about harming you, it’s about caring about your neighbor, your fellow citizen. You are being selfish when you see being woke as something that is harming you, as opposed to seeing how it is helping another. Aaaah, but you don’t want to help others, amiright? Not anyone who isn’t like you? Right. That’s your problem. Again, Florida… you hear me?

Being woke is inclusive, not divisive.  The fact that you think your way of life is going to be harmed because Keke Palmer shared her joy with us, is truly more telling about where you’re at, than anything else.  The global square is the brilliant part of this technology we have – and Keke Palmer sharing it with all of us is lovely. It wasn’t about you.

I’ve been saying for a long time that we’ve become a less considerate society. I’ve seen it in my own life’s trajectory. Our ability to be compassionate is mired in fear of losing out. We’re all so self-absorbed and constantly worried about “I” and never consider what’s best for “US” – all of us.

Being woke – is just another word describing our need to try and understand each other better. And the fact that some people don’t want to be woke or use it as some slur, is a sad commentary on who we are as a society.

Please, do better people.

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  1. I hear this and I’m with you – especially on your last point. I feel people have been using ‘Woke’ to create division between those that get and those that maybe are struggling but trying. So much of what’s been going on lately has been forgetting that we’re all human and trying our best to navigate life in our own best way.

    I hope you’re good 🙂

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