Year Of Recovery 2022

For the next few weeks, I’ll be resting, rejuvenating, rethinking and being grateful for a fantastic year.

I would summarize MY 2022, as a year of recovery. Physically – absolutely! But also, mentally and emotionally. I feel so good about all of it!

One of the best moment of 2022 was hanging out with my 14 year old niece and seeing Dr. Strange – MCU this year. We had such a GREAT and fantastic time! And we’re both such fans of the Marvel Universe that it was just one of those perfect weekends of conversations, discussions, disagreements and laughter. Tons of laughter! 

Were there some failures in 2022? Sure. It’s life after all, but instead of failures, I choose to see them as learning moments, and I embrace them nonetheless.

The biggest failure (or rather, learning moment!) for me this year was realizing I have to move. As most of you may know who follow my podcast, All About The Joy, I have had a hard time with my neighbors in my apartment building and just noise level in general. I moved here during covid, and the savings was incredible and I’m a couple of blocks from the beach, but… I’m sacrificing quiet and sanity so I’m looking for a new place – and that’s been kind of bummer. Because no matter where I move, I will either have to pay a lot more to stay near the beach (prices have increased incredibly) or move back inland to try and stay at a reasonable rate – and ohhh… I love being this close to the beach!  Ahhh, but can we be honest, these are clearly, First. World. Problems. And I know that!  So, I’m staying in a place of gratitude!

I hope that as this year comes to a close, you’re able to elevate the good things, no matter how small, and put in perspective all the learning moments you’ve had throughout the year as well.

I’m here wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and a brilliant and fantastic New Year. I hope to be back refreshed, rested and with a new vision of what’s next by the middle of January (Uhem, gotta take some time to celebrate my FIERCE upcoming birthday this year so I’ll be back in the middle of January for sure!).

Sending you all peace, love, and yeah, all that good stuff!

Take care of YOU!

With so much love,


11 thoughts on “Year Of Recovery 2022

  1. I’m sure you’ll find tge right home in the right olace, perhaps even at the right price! And 2023 will be a good year, we only need to learn to appreciate the good small m oments life gives us! Peace, love and health my friend!


  2. I wish you the very best in your search for a new home, Carmen. This is the only home that I have had wonderful neighbors, so stayed for 18 years. Going to a party in the street today and it feeds my soul to be content.

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