Reminder – from a viewer

7:05am 04.01.23


From: Carmen Lezeth

There seems to be this need for everyone to get a story nowadays void of the consequences that will surely happen. In this case, are you about to strengthen this person by giving them a stature they do not deserve? Are you cheapening your own brand and platform by interviewing this person now instead of when she’s out of office? 

I’m so tired of where we are as a country – here in the United States specifically. No one takes any responsibility anymore for their own actions. Corporations are the worst.  I’m sure in your meetings you were adamant that her story MUST be told. Really? I can’t imagine anyone saying that with a straight face, but it must be — because why else would you give use of your brand to elevate such a tragic human being who is doing nothing else but misinform and who continues to divide this nation? 

It’s not that I won’t be watching your show any longer that should bother you. I’m nobody, I’m one person and in the big scheme of things, I do not matter to your bottom line.  I get that.  It’s that I no longer consider you a place of integrity and hope for in-depth stories and truthful reporting. It’s that you, like the guest you’re choosing to interview for purely ratings at this point, are no longer a beacon of where to get facts. Like so many journalistic outlets (ie., newspapers) that have fallen to the trappings of social media, 24-hour news cycles, and sensationalism over journalism, you’re now just another show. And sadly, you continue to add to the damage of this country all in the name of “journalism”.  

And, just in case you think you’re doing a story that will help expose who she is and help make this world a better place – have you not been paying attention all these years? The crazed supporters of this cult do not care what is true, they only care about what has power. The truth could be standing right in front of them and they’d still strike it away, blame Hillary and Obama and somehow interweave JFK, Jr. and Jewish Space Lasers and whatever other nonsense they’ve come up with NOT to believe what is clearly right in front of them.    

You are wrong for interviewing this person, especially at this time in our country. By the way, when did she become a fan of the “mainstream media“?  Fascinating that you can’t see the forest for the trees here — she will use this to promote herself and make herself a more powerful figure. 

If you had any integrity left and cared about the bigger picture you would not share this segment till after this person has left office. Because no matter how you go about this interview it will be pure propaganda for continued bullshittery from her supporters. You have already given her more power and helped push this country further into disarray. But maybe that’s your purpose? Why else would you make this choice? In the name of journalism, no less… 

Carmen Lezeth Suarez 

A Former Viewer 

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