Stop Living In The Moment

One of the things that seem to plague us as human beings is this constant need to prove that we are more than…

We see this several times – if an actor is successful, they may try their talents at singing in a band. Or if someone reaches the pinnacle of success at a company, then they look for their next goals and maybe switch careers or companies.

This is not a bad thing. We are human beings. And what makes us different from dogs, for example, is exactly that kind of ambition. That kind of curiosity. The need to push our limits and move onward.  To always figure out what’s next. To try something new. It’s in our nature.

Humans always want more. We look forward to the next thing. It’s why we’ve gone to the moon, it’s why we’ve cured diseases, it’s why we’ve improved technologies and medicines and now can expect to live past the age of 35.  When you sit back and think about it, humans are pretty cool when it comes to a species… we grow, we move forward, we wonder…  Humans don’t settle for things as they are, we always try and make things better or find something more intriguing and spectacular to do. Surely, we make mistakes, but it’s in the wanting, the need to be more, that makes us fascinating!  

Dogs are amazing. But living in the moment consistently would be the doom of the human species. To dream… to hope… to create… that’s the best thing about being human. And I love seeing it. I love seeing the growth of who we are and having hope for what we can be.

We’ve fallen into a space where cliché’s rule the day.  Live in the moment. Be present. All of these are valid to a certain extent, but it is also valid to dream and to hope, and to envision your next steps.  It’s what we do. It’s who we are.  And yes, Buddha and other century-old important people as well as smarter people than me with degrees from important places will agree that living in the moment, being more like a dog, is what will bring us peace… but I say, it is in the balance of understanding our nature to explore and be better than we used to be that is the key.  Embracing all that it is to be human – being okay with failure and success.  Embracing the good as much as we dwell on the bad and learning to live in JOY when things go well.  Stop trying to live in the moment consistently. Find balance and embrace all aspects of what it is to be fully human.

This is an appreciation post.

Being human is totally cool.

Stay beautiful.


(All About The Joy)


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