A Rose – The World Would Be a Better Place…

I had to run some errands and I needed to drop off a few things at UPS.

I was getting out of my car, and an older gentleman, maybe in his seventies, eighties, I don’t know, but he was older, with lots of white hair – he was walking by as I stepped out of my car. I grabbed the small shipping boxes out of my car and I immediately noticed he had a rose on his lapel. He wasn’t wearing a full suit or anything, but he had picked a white rose somewhere and put it in his shirt pocket. I smiled and said, “Excuse me,” and I went into the store.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

A few minutes later, I walked back out, and he was still there. Now, he had the rose in his hand. He looked at me, and with such a kindness, handed me the rose. I was a little surprised, but I was smiling from ear to ear because it was such a lovely gesture! I took the short-stem white rose from his slightly trembling hand, and I said, “Thank you!”  He then put his arms out for a hug, and we hugged!

He kissed me on the forehead and that was it!  

“Have a beautiful day,” I said and he smiled and slowly went on his way.

I got in my car and was both shocked by it and yet somehow comforted!  I can’t fully explain it, but it all just made sense.

It’s the way I wish the world worked. It was simple and a lovely kindness between human beings.

What a lovely and better world this would be if kindness and genuine joy between humans were an everyday thing.  If you want to hear more of this lovely story, I talked about it on today’s podcast. Just click here:  A Rose, A Lawyer and Minding Your Tone.

Have a sweet day today everyone.

One love,


4 thoughts on “A Rose – The World Would Be a Better Place…

  1. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” Shakespeare

    I believe the Universe was simply sending a message of love involving the two sentient beings on the planet. It’s a great story and makes me hopeful and heartfelt that such kindness could help create such joy.

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