Sharing Pieces of Why I’m Optimistic and How I Stay In A Place of Joy

This week’s podcast covers my sharing of some simple things I do to stay in a place of happiness and joy. Sounds a little corny as I write it, but as I was taking my morning walk, I realized maybe someone could benefit from this share. I know for a fact I continuously benefit from others sharing some of their tricks of the trade of keeping on with this thing we call Life, so let me bullet point a few of my favs from today:  

Neighborhood cliffs in Santa Monica, CA overlooking the ocean…bursting with colors…
  1. Notice what’s around you, and when you see a moment of joy or beauty or any kind of positivity, stop and take it in. On my walk today, I noticed that the cliff on the side of the road had burst out in beautiful colors… I walk this way all the time and either I never noticed it before, or it all just bloomed. It was quite stunning… I stopped and “smelled the roses” sort of speak!  Make sure you do the same!
  2. If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast or a blog or any other creative endeavor that you’ve been hesitant about, here’s your sign to let you know, YES, do It!  Have no regrets! Take the shot! The worst thing that could happen is you decide it isn’t what you want to do after all!  But you’ll never know that if you don’t TRY.
  3. Limit what you take into your spirit, soul and being. Here I’m talking specifically about the 24 hour news cycles on TV and social media. Years ago, I decided to put a rule in place for myself: for every hour of news I watched, I had to watch two hours of something joyous. Like a TV show, or movie or read an amazing book for a bit.  Now, I don’t have that kind of time – so, I limit my news to headlines, and maybe the first 15 minutes of a new program I do like. I never watch the news right before bed, and I never sit and read the doom and gloom for hours on end. Let me tell you, it’s been life-changing. Stay informed, but understand that no one needs to watch negative news (and most of it is negative) all day long. 

These are my shares for today. I’d love to hear some of yours.  Please know, I don’t think life is meant to be a constant state of blissful happiness. No such thing. But, in the quest to have a better life, it does help to always find a way to make a negative or bad situation, less painful, and less detrimental to our spirit. If we can learn to see the beauty in things more often, take chances to try things we might fear, and limit toxicity in all its forms, I think we will find that the journey we’re all on, this thing called life, is not so bad after all, even with all its ups and downs.  

Until next time.

Stay Beautiful.


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